Earth and its pain №2 Cataclysms for the week of January 22-28, 2018

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#Earth and its pain №2 Cataclysms for the week of January 22-28, 2018
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Today, more than ever, it is urgent to rebuild the model of society into a spiritually-moral, in fact, the only acceptable for the life of every person in natural conditions. With the predominance of positive thinking in people's minds, this is quite realistic, because in our hands the change in the vector of our life in a creative way. Changing the qualitative parameters of life opens up new opportunities for the development of society and, first of all, spiritual self-development. But in order to change society, one has to change each person individually, making constant work on self in getting rid of the limits of consumer thinking and selfishness. And it is very easy to do this when there is knowledge about the meaning of life necessary for this, about the purposes of existence in the material world. The knowledge that stirred the whole world today is accessible to everyone thanks to the works of the popular contemporary writer Anastasia Novykh. The book "Allatra" describes a model of a spiritual society and invaluable information on how to achieve this. People can only make a choice and step by step create a foundation on the basis of morality, honor and conscience.
Quite recently a report was published, "EXTRA PHYSICS OF ALLATRA", on which the international scientific research group of the International Social Movement "ALLATRA" was working. The information from the report is a completely new science of tomorrow, it contains knowledge, thanks to which the human way of life can completely change, taking the course of spiritual and moral development through "human" science.
There are many unsettled by classical science questions that make thousands of scientists around the world puzzle. These are questions about the origin of the universe and then what all of this consists of (elementary particles), the topical issue of global climate change on Earth. The processes taking place today in nature make scientists anxiously beat the bells. Increasingly, forecasts are inaccurate, and even incorrect, because of what people suffer, and scientific research is unjustified and does not give real results that can protect a person.

EXTRA PHYSICS ALLATRA provides exhaustive answers not only to these exciting questions, it is capable of solving global problems relating to all spheres of human life, including climatic geoengineering. "For today, mankind has a real chance to survive in the conditions of global climate changes on the planet, which, unfortunately, are inevitable in the coming decades" (from the report "On the problems and consequences of global climate change on the Earth, effective ways of solving these problems"). The science of ALLATRA is capable of answering the questions of what to expect from nature in the near future and how to minimize the consequences of unfavorable processes for human life.

There are so many questions, but you can always find the answers if you want. Consumer society can not survive in the period of global cataclysms and future events, this is only possible in a society dominated by a spiritual model of behavior. Therefore, whatever happens in the world, it is always worth starting, first of all, with oneself. We are responsible for the world in which we live, because the external is a consequence of the internal. The spiritual way of life of society implies the unification of people on the basis of cultural and moral values, friendly relations between peoples and the understanding that everything in our world is one. Only together, people will be able to survive the dire consequences of future events, only together people can create a society, which they dream about

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