Bitcoin Satis Group Research Forecasts Bitcoin at $144,000 by 2028

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Bitcoin Satis Group Research Forecasts Bitcoin at $144,000 by 2028
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Hi steemians today i share in satis group research on bitcoin and other top coin
Overall, CryptoCurrency Rai Market has surprised many investors that how prices will run in the long run. Using data from the real world, the research firm Satis Group released its 10-year anticipated price for 10 major crypto hit faces.
Top 6 Crypto Asset Valuations
On Aug. 30, Satis Group released a new report that outlines the valuation of leading cryptocurrencies over the next decade.
This report, referenced in "Cryptochet Market Route: Valuation", estimates the value of the future of 6 major digital entities - many financial factors - the quantity of money theory, multiplier of network-specific metrics and discounted cash-free models - Used.
Satis has suggested that Bitcoin will maintain its priority as the market capitalization of the world's biggest cryptrogressing and will reach $ 143,900 in 10 years, which is 1,941 percent more than the current price.
Among the highest growth cryptocurrencies, Satis predicts that privacy networks, such as Monero (XMR) and Dash (DASH), will have the largest upside. In the report, Satis predicts XMR at $39,584 and DASH at $2,927 by 2028
Satis further predicts that platform networks, such as EOS and Ethereum, will decline in price over the next 10 years due to issues with governance and user interface.

The report predicts Ethereum (ETH) prices at $882 by 2019 and decreasing over the subsequent nine years to $588.
Specifically, SAT estimates that more than 90% of the digital estate values will be "offshore deposit receipts" and by 2028 the entire market capitalization will reach $ 3.6 t.
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