I've Only Been Here 2 Weeks and i Already DITCHED FACEBOOK!

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Facebook is WACK!

I hope i cant get sued for saying that. lol.

If you are new here on SteemIT then chances are you probably already have a FB account for many years. Now that you're here on SteemIT.. DONT GO!! I know it can seem overwhelming at first, and different than Facebook or other social media platforms, but trust me its worth it to keep at it :D

I feel robbed....i feel cheated, i feel like i've beeen wasting time and so late to the game cause i didn't know about SteemIT sooner.

Believe me i understand the value of things because i am a man with vision, and even when the value of Steem was nothing, or only a few cents, i would've loved to be a part of this community just as much as i do now. The motivation here for me now isn't the monetary gains, which i won't lie..they do matter..But most of all what i like here the most is the camaraderie of the community itself. I love being a part of an organic grassroots sort of movement like this and being part of something that is going to help the people connect and also grow financially.

I just wanted to make this post to say i really love SteemIT, i've posted a few times a day everyday since i've joined and i love it. I love thinking of new topic and things to write about. It had been so long since i had done any creative writing, and this sparked a fire under me thats getting me back on track.

In the last 2 weeks i've maybe used facebook, a couple handful of times...but before SteemIT i would be on my facebook page constantly, all day, everyday. I do run a store and music engineering services through facebook so at least i have been making money that...But most people who use facebook are not using it for anything other than to interact with friends and family. This is a better place to do that, and you actually get paid for it..To me, its a no brainer which social media platform is better.

Do i think Facebook is going anywhere? probably not...it has been around a while now and its a multi billion dollar corporation. Facebook is more than a social media platform, it is a entity now. But as far as social media goes, i think SteemIT and other platforms like it are the wave of the future.

Until next time my fellow Steemians.. Peace and Bliss!



Glad to have you here brother. We are paving the way to a better world.

Sorry to interrupt here, but I really could use your votes on my latest posts that got flagged, that is only if you agree with the content of-course.

That's the spirit :D

@thejohalfiles thank you brother. i'm glad to be aboard the steem train with you guys. Steem on bro!

Hey good to hear. I did the same yesterday. Deleted facebook and joined steem. Tired of watching people presenting themselves as something I know they are not. Not going to be part of idiotization facebook movement. Viva steem.

I must soon deleted too :)) Facebook

the only reason i wont delete it is because i run a business through it. But yes i agree with you bro facebook is so over the top idolized now smh..this is much better!

Yes my man, screw facebook! and I hope they do sue me for that one. You can't get blood out of a stone and it'd be great publicity for Steemit (every cloud and all that). Became sick to the back teeth with the whole platform (even felt compelled enough to write a leaving poem/rhyme) so really glad to have discovered the breath of fresh air that is Steemit!

At least in Steemit there are healthy debates and exchange of views. Now in Facebook, do not dare to poke the bees in Duterte's beehive.

facebook is like troll central, there are no educated debates at all. I truly hope steemit stays a platform for the intelligent and open minded...no offense to anyone, but this is how i like my online community

You're so correct. I'm new to Steem but the one thing I've noticed is the good quality of content and the genuine effort that goes into creating content. It's so refreshing and puts websites like Facebook to shame.

it puts facebook completely to shame @curiousengineer.. that place has turned to nothing but MEMES and stupid videos.

Facebook has been absolute trash for the last few years. They really need the option to have likes and dislikes similar to how Youtube does it. That way people can see how many likes/dislikes on something. It makes no sense how they only have positive things you can do(mostly). They did add in emoticons which say "angry" but that doesn't convey if something is incorrect or you dislike it really.

Anyways, I followed and liked, appreciate the same! I am trying to spread truth and build a great list of follows and followers! Thanks.

I agree with you my friend!! I've only been on SteemIT for a few days and i already feel much more satisfied than the 7+ years I was on FaceBook.

@justinb43 yes man, i couldnt agree more..i been on FB about 7 years too and its so lame now, im so glad to be here!

Haha great post! Yep, I hardly ever check Facebook now. It was a total waste of time and the content on my feed was boring.
I'm so happy and excited about steemit. It's much more interesting than Facebook. It's refreshing.

Facebook is history. Steemit is my new home. Glad to see many people think the same.

@freedomnation, facebook is cooked!

Haha, I've also been here for two weeks now and I've barely checked Facebook at all!

Same here :)))

@mimilia tell me about it..its actually very refreshing to finally feel free from the shackles of facebook..its like that shit had a mental control over me lol.

Facebook is END :))

Same here
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