snowfall like space... photos by @romanskv \ winter 2016

in steemit •  2 years ago

.the walk began as usual, there were no signs of bad weather, the only dark cloud in the distance....

but then it started... the snow flakes and not seen more than a hundred meters... well it was fun)))

photos do not convey the pressure of the wind and whipping snow in your face and the feeling back when you can lean on the wind

as always I got wet , I shivered , it was a fabulous time )))

Russia Rybinsk Digimax L85

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Great shots. Sure looks cold!!


very need to keep moving to stay warm

in my country Chile , that's bad weather.


for you Coca can be chewed, any weather is not terrible


I love your shots. Thanks for finding me on FB. Glad to connect with other foto fun people.