Voting Power Redistribution: Cast Your Nominations For The Minnow Accounts Most Worthy Of Support...

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As a result of reading @stellabelle's "MONEY CANNOT REPLACE INTEGRITY: Why I Still Vote According To My Inner Compass Instead of Max ROI," I'm choosing to adjust my curation strategy to support more minnows who are consistently producing outstanding content - and I'd like to request your help in choosing who deserves my votes (which I'll be automating with the use of SteemVoter).

Truth be had, I've been using @biophil's bot service to delegate my voting power for a few months now. From what I've seen, the content its been voting for has been decent. However, I'd like to pay forward the opportunity I myself was granted upon an early adopter, having received some whale love that allowed me to transition into writing on Steemit becoming my main income source, by redistributing my votes amongst a list of newer writers who I feel are making excellent contributions to the platform/community on a regular basis and would significantly benefit from the extra rewards my votes would provide.

Though, since there's been 400k new users (or perhaps less, as surely several of those accounts are bots) arrived over the last year and I haven't been that active in keeping on top of new content, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance by placing your nominations for accounts / content creators that have caught your attention and stood out as consistently producing amazing content.

What I'm Looking For:

1. Talented writers / content creators that produce exceptional quality material with near-flawless consistency.

Of course, quality can be subjective. But as they say, "the cream rises to the top." Subjectivity aside, quality stands out. And nominees must have demonstrated consistency in the quality of their posts.

As per my standards for determining quality as articulated in the post, "The Dirty Dozen: My Top 12 Most HIGHLY Recommended Posts For Steemit Noobs To Accelerate Your Success," there are five criteria by which "quality" is to be assessed:

  • Inspirational
  • Originality
  • Informative / Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Excellently structured, grammatically & professionally well-written

2. Nominees are to be located in a "third-world / developing" country, wherein a little bit of rewards goes a long ways.

With 100,000 in Steem Power, my votes won't enable anyone in the first world to quit their day jobs. Though for someone in a country where the average monthly wage might be $100, they potentially could.

It's come to my attention that there have been discussion about the potential for Steemit to have great impact in Nigeria - and given the difference in scale of opportunity my votes may provide between distribution to those in the western world and those in Africa, South America, or southeast Asia, I'd like to allocate the majority of my voting power towards those regions where it'd have the largest impact.

However, I might still consider certain nominees from the first-world if the quality of their writing is very high and of a nature that I could see it being a worthy long-term investment in the community, such that their contributions could better serve the community over time who has been consistently demonstrating strong leadership skills.

3. Self-nominations are NOT allowed.

Any "choose me" attempts will be immediately discarded.

As I've continually stressed, I do NOT condone begging for votes & follows on this platform, instead encouraging quality engagement and contributions. If it's unclear why, read this: A Priceless Tip For Steemit Newbies Seeking Followers & Upvotes (The #1 Thing To Do And NOT Do)

This is not an opportunity for self-promotion, but to serve the community by helping to bring light to other writers who you have found to be excellent role models for the type of content and conduct here.

However, there is one exception to this rule:

If you are certain that your content is of exceptional quality - and don't bother wasting either of our time if you doubt it - you may place a nomination for your account by providing a description written in the third-person perspective of why your content is worthy of being considered.

i.e. not "consider me because"... but rather, "you may want to consider @xxxxxx because he/she..."

And this exception comes with one condition:

If your content is not of a quality that meets my standards worth voting for, you are opening yourself to blunt, harsh feedback and may be made an example of if it is clear your intentions are first self-serving before holding the best interest of the community & platform in mind. It will be obvious what your intentions are.

No bullshit allowed.

Zero self-promotion. But if you can provide an objective assessment of why your content - written about in the third-person - is worthy of continual support and how it is of exceptional value to others, it shall be considered.

However, if you fail to read and understand these conditions and attempt to advance yourself before the community, you likely will make an ass of yourself.

And to confess: I have been using a bot service to distribute my votes partly out of laziness, and partly because I have wanted to maximize my curation profits.

Though, @stellabelle's post has effectively drawn attention to the fact that I may have been compromising my integrity by sticking to that approach, when upon closer assessment of the matter, it may still be possible to match the curation rewards while being more selective about who to vote for - and thus doing the community a greater service.

Though, I still do want to maximize my curation rewards with this new approach. And that means - whoever the rewards from my votes shall be going to, also will be benefiting - as will the community.

Hence, my efforts to support writers who make the cut will not end here.

Out of both my self-interest and desire to support this community in becoming increasingly awesome by supporting exceptional writers who are serving it through their leadership and talent most excellently, I'll only be selecting people who I'm also happy to big up and bring more attention to through whatever influence I can. That may happen with simple resteems, including references to their content in my own posts recommending others follow and vote for them, or attempt persuading some whales to consider giving these people more attention and voting support to further encourage their outstanding service to the community.

Just laying out my cards on the table: YES, I want to maximize my curation rewards within the context of these conditions - while also allocating votes to ensure it's going to those who are going above and beyond to set ascending standards of excellence that shall bring this whole community (and hopefully Steem value) up with them.

So... the floor is now open.

If you know of any particular accounts/writers that have been responsible for consistently producing outstanding content whose posts have been under-rewarded - who have been demonstrating excellent leadership skills and setting a wonderful example for newbies in how to conduct themselves and create value for the community - especially if they are from a third-world country - please comment below with their username and a description of why you feel they're worthy of the extra support.

Let me know: what is it about them that has inspired and impacted you in a way that's really stood out amongst the countless other mediocre and sub-par posts here.

Also if you know of any groups or communities wherein a majority of the members meet these qualifications, please do share links as well.

My standards will be high, so please make sure your recommendation are made only if you strongly feel the nominees receiving the extra support are providing far above-average value that this community would be better off with were they getting more exposure.

And thanks in advance for your assistance with this undertaking... :-)

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I nominate @airhawk_project. The forst platform on telegram gains over 1 thousand memwbers within weeks in Nigeria ..Educating supporting and encourages. I love the seflessness and understanding the puzzle in steemit . its a wonderful project dat i love too much

Well spoken. Your claim is not out place

My standards will be high, so please make sure your recommendation are made only if you strongly feel the nominees receiving the extra support are providing far above-average value that this community would be better off with were they getting more exposure.

i love this part were u said your standard will be high and when u said high i know u meant this:

Informative / Educational
Excellently structured, grammatically & professionally well-written

when i first cam into steemit platform the wave was high are there were lots of turbulence, i wasnt balance because so many things sounds strange to me, to mention a few words like steem power, vest, power up, delegating etc , i was a copy and paste freak like lifting stories and pics without properly referencing it, until i met @dreamchasser the leader of @airhawk-project thought not just me but a whole community at large about the concept of steemit and how to be a good writer, the ultmost they blew our mind was the creation of a telegram base exchange were minnows mainly in nigeria can convert their SBD and Steem with out going through the rigorous process of conventional exchanges and made minnows who are have earned some SBD to easily convert it to our local currency, the list goes on and on, i will like u to scan through the community by following these links Exchange , linkzone for post and the main community Join and see the good work @airhawk-project is doing. am nominating @airhawk-project

Can't agree with you less.

As a newbie on steemit its easy to feel invincible going after the blogs of popular guys that might never even get to see ur comment or will never look at your post. This happened to me for a long time until the airhawk community came into the picture and I know it also did same for over 1k people in the group I ll recommend @airhawk-project as beneficiary

You are on piont. Keep on steeming

I nominate @illuminatus ... his name was originated from the word illuminate and he does exactly what his name entails,i have known him for his consistency in shedding more light in intresting and mysterious things about life as well as tell good stories and give good content that illuminate your heart with excitement....i really think he is the right guy....and yea....he is from Nigeria...good job u r doing here @rok-sivante

I nominate Airhawk-project. It nurtures newcomers and is having over a 1000 members. It is giving poor Nigerians a way out.

I will nominate @airhawk-project... As it's a good platform for nonnigerian like me... Supporting all 1.1k members with great members in their... Who believe in helping uplifting people and the highlighting features is its philanthropic activities


I'll like to recommend @airhawk-project as a beneficiary.

It has been posting consistently and upvoting quality posts in a selfless manner.

It's an account that is supporting well over a thousand steemians, securing various deals and leasing SP from minnowbooster out of it's own volition to ensure these mainly Nigerian minnows survive and by extension, the larger steemit community. Airhawk-project has it's base on Telegram where it motivates, mentors and tutors over 1000 steemians.

a philanthropic way of thinking sir.

If youre looking for a minnow, I am available, but since self nomination is not allowed, i think i saw someone mention @illuminatus above.

I checked his blog, topics are ok, not nearly enough people see his blog.
he doesn't plagiarize also
I would also recommend all of the curators. @gbenga @destinysaid @ehiboss @ogoowinner @fisteganos

without them, the nigerian community would not be a thing, they literally brought and created the community.

I will nominate @airhawk-project... As it's a good platform for nonnigerian like me... Supporting all 1.1k members with great members in their... Who believe in helping uplifting people and the highlighting features is its philanthropic activities

re-comment on the main post @geetasnani

I nominate @illuminatus. He is a creative consistent writer with not very good rewards. And he is from the 3rd word country Nigeria

@rok-sivante am not a member of any community but with the comments I have read so far I think @airhawk-project will make proper use of your steem power I therefore nominate them

@rok-sivante words cannot describe how I appreciate ur selflessness, it is not your responsibility to look out for us minnows I appreciate ur great work and I will also like to see and extension of your works by delegating some steempower to @airhawk-project a community who holds minnow @ heart. They have been doing a great work please help them continue

It will be a great sin to myself and the universe if I fail to nominate my amamata on steemit, the people that showed me light after Ponzi scheme all most ruined me, they game me hope not only to earn money but also to be a better person, words can not truly describe or presside the love and affection I have for this @airhawk-project project, Thier warm welcome and hospitality surpasses what we can imagine literally, in u are on telegram and you have joined @airhawk-project on telegram I advice you just follow this link Join and feel @ home, @rok-sivante my nomination goes to @airhawk-project thank you for your selfless work also

Been a part of @airhawk-project and I must say the really do a great job curating post and helping minnows find their in this vast ocean of steemit with lots of whales dolines minnows and crayfish like me @airhawk-project gave us a voice when were loosing hope one steemit Pls give some portion of the steem power even if u can't give them all to continue supporting minnows give them some am nominating them

@rok-sivante am nominating @airhawk-project because if fits all what you discribed on your post

  1. Produces out standing content
  1. Demonstrates excellent leadership buy put minnows and the community 1st b4 themselves
  2. Inspiration ànd source of strength to minnows
  3. Greatly undervalued and
  4. Go extra mine to make sure minnows like me have a voice on steemit

Am nominating @airhawk-project for Thier great job they are doing in Nigeria and how they transformed us from faceebookers to streemian, not only do the dish out great content they are also grooming great authors and curators who help not only teaching minnows how to create quality content but also preach the gospel of steemit any where they go, they went an extra mile to provide a third party platform exchange telegram base were minnows can exchange ur steem/SBD to our local currency saving them time energy and cost from using conversional exchangers I think they deserve it

My journey on steemit has been a slow one but I still have faith on learning and improving more although am a new bee 🐝 on steemit and still trying to find my way, if not for the love support and delegate guidance from @airhawk-project and @kayceefresh I won't have summon the corrage to join this wonderful platform that encourages writers and bloggers by rewarding them for what they do best, won't want to drag on further but am nominating @airhawk-project

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

The 1st time I heard about steemit to thought it was a Ponzi scheme as we were deeply submerged in the era of Ponzi scheme in Nigeria and so may lost fortune to it, including me, I was downcast and slandered I could no long think straight cos I taught all hope, à friend of mine signed me up but I was reluctant to participate until he invited me to one precious community which is nos my family @airhawk-project I taught me more about steemit and crypto currency à large encouraging and giving us guild lines on how to become a better writer and transform our life's in a new dimension, although am not so frequent yet due to the high cost of data and poor electricity supply, but I know with time I will be consistent in steemit delegate some to my community @airhawk-project and am sure he won't waste up SP

Would like to nominate @YouAreHope please see one of their more recent Posts that are benefiting mostly children in Nigeria, in Venezuela and in the Philippines.

Excellent Post with Good Intentions...

Well Done Rok !!

Cheers !!

This looks like a great one, they’re definitely making the list.

Thanks for the recommendation. 🙏

who have been demonstrating excellent leadership skills and setting a wonderful example for newbies in how to conduct themselves and create value for the community...

These so accurately describe @airhawk-project and it's entire essence since inception.

the opportunity I myself was granted upon an early adopter, having received some whale love that allowed me to transition into writing on Steemit becoming my main income source

Again, these lines caught my attention because I can readily relate it to airhawk-project. How can I forget the huge impact this community has played in my steemit life since I joined them? Of course @airhawk-project is a mere minnow account but it has made it a point of duty to inject life into steemians of diverse nationalities. @airhawk-project has since taken it upon itself to groom both new and old steemians alike for continued excellence and ultimately, the sustainability of the steemit platform. This and its continued support to minnows in the platform through its tiny upvotes has served as a huge incentive which has made steemians both within and outside the community to hold on still while striving and hoping for the best from steemit.

@rok-silvante, of courss you wish to delegate your SP to an account which would fully utilize it for the betterment of the larger steemit community especially the minnows. I wholly recommend @airhawk-project because of its selfless service and dedication to the welfare of minnows and success of the steemit platform.

@airhawk-project has a telegram-based community of about 1.1k steemians where it groms old and new members from all walks of life by giving them guidance and updating them on major developments in the platform. You can visit its telegram group, steemitdotcom, from this link and also take a peep at its link zone from here to have a glimpse of some of the posts it curates on daily bases.

Other information such as its SBD exchange service and other useful bits are contained in its whitepaper which can be found on its steemit blog


A wise person once told me that "if your success does not make others around you succeed, it is incomplete", now not everyone may agree with this but I believe it. I came to be on this platform thanks to @churchboy who encouraged me to join at a point when I felt I had no direction. It did not just stop at bringing me on, he has selflessly been a tutor, teaching me from the little he has learnt since joining the steemit community not so long ago himself and no, I am not his only 'student'. Obviously, someone who would do this much with nothing will do more if given the needed support. He deserves to be encouraged.
I am nominating him. I feel strongly that he checks all your boxes and very well too. Is he talented? I bet you he is. He does not just stop at creating original content that leaves I and many other readers am certain, in awe of his writing prowess but also does so at a level of consistency that amazes me. Yes, original ideas are not easy to come by. Are his write-ups grammatically correct /professionally well-written? Yes, they are. Informative content? ☑ . Entertaining? ☑ Take a look and see for yourself too. More people need to see his works.
He is a Nigerian 'individual', contributing as much as he can to grow this community. As a non-Nigerian or non-African, you would learn from his write-ups a few African traditions, beliefs, superstitions, practices etc. As a Nigerian or African, you would learn how to draw great write-ups from the everyday experiences, unique to our part of the world, you take for granted. His writing style alone leaves your hands itching to write. Near-flawless is the word I would borrow to sum these up. Like you rightly mentioned, the rewards from your votes will go a long way as he is equally located in Nigeria. Enough said, I hope he gets your support.

thank you. excellent response, much respect for the thoroughness and passion put in.

you are fortunate to have such a mentor. and as I'm sure, so too shall be those whom you come to pay forward the lessons and blessings in due time... :-)

Thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'd be nominating the @airhawk-project for this privilege. The selfless curation effort of the airhawk-project team, to support and encourage the over 1000 steeming members belonging to the steemit telegram group has been phenomenal, and requires external support as well. A look at the accounts blockchain profile is a clear proof of the long lasting mission of the team to continuously support minnows in the community through curation efforts. @airhawk-project deserves this support @rok-sivante

I'd also nominate a great guy @illuminatus. He's a quality content creator. A real community guy, and someone who is also deserving of this support, as well

wow, this is awesome mr rok, i am still anewbie here and still lookinng at how things should be, so i am out.

I am from nigeria and I would say this is helping a lot, our minimum wage is actually below $100, it is more of $68 about $1 + 350 naira.

That said, i will nominate @illuminatus

mainly because he has been one nigerian with good posts, but not nearly enough eyes on him.

Plagiarism has been far from him from what I understand.

So hope you support him boss!

Yours is the second nomination he’s gotten, so perhaps bumped up slightly...

Hi @rok-sivante, Thanks for this amazing opportunity you have provided. I know of this community @airhawk-project which is a community on telegram made up of people of diverse races with more of them nigerians. Worthy of note is that they assist their members creating quality posts in getting some curation rewards from steem power lease for the account. The account has been trying to do this although it's almost running out of capacity, a check of the profile would give a clue to this. The account also has a blog wherein they chun out quality posts too being contributions from here members.
I will love to nominate @airhawk-project for this purpose even to the extent of delegating SP to the account if possible. Thanks

I nominate @airhawk-project for the good job they are doing in being mentors of a lot of newbies. They have persistently groomed and positively impacted the lives of so many Nigerians, Africans and indeed the entire world with their easy exchange platform. They have been able to bring to the fore the consciousness of steem to people that ordinarily wouldn't have found it.

I nominate @tfame3865 for his dedication towards his niche. He writes about the games he enjoyed playing and always brings value. His wrietups are interesting, fun, intellectual and wholesome all at the same time.

Thanks @rok-sivante for this PDA for us minnows. You are awesome!

@rok-sivante i would have nominated my self but i don't think am worthy of the steempower therefore i will nominate some one or a community which i think has better use for it, i have been on steemit for quit sometimes and has been wallowing in the invisible ocean until i meet @airhawk-project, a telegram based community whoose existence is helping minnows find their feet on steemit, they encourage inspire and pushes us to be a better writer they also engage us in contest and help promotes our content.

I nominate @airhawk-project for its selfless services rendered steemians at large. What is more honourable than giving to who returns doubly to bless others?? Good morning

@rok-sivante without @airhawk-project and steemitdotcom I would have stop using steemit I was lost and downcast when Dey found me and mentored me on steemit Ecosystem and how to survive so am nominating @airhawk-project for their selfless work in making Steemians in have faith à mor love for the platform.

I nominate @airhawk-project.
I am one of thier benefactors.
What the heck would have been Steemit in my dictionary if not for airhawk.
They open my eyes to the power of Steemit.

I'd love to nominate a fellow woman writer, @phunke

She tops your charts in most areas give her dome love please!!!

I nominate


She is one of the most hardworking female writers. She works so hard to produce stories.

Thanks alot @greenrun you always support me at every opportunity you get.

You try.

I have followed the posts of @churchboy and he seems consistent in posting excellent content. He used to post awesome stories once or twice on this blog but he seems to be discouraged recently and now posts once in two days. Please encourage

Thank you for providing this platform.

Hello @rok-sivante

Thanks for taking the Decision to pay it forward, I believe this will encourage more people to post quality Content.

I nominate the following Steemians





They are all people who are consistent but have low payouts especially @raikuhen and @travelman.



I am very happy that this is not a competition
It's good we are given the opportunity to norminate people or communities that needs support.
DEAR @rok-sivante
I will appreciate if you take your time to review three communities that has been of support to minnows

  1. @steemnaira Community
    Introducing SteemNaira Community as an integral tool for steem-growth in Nigeria

  2. @euronation community
    Steemit Promotion: Preliminary Report on @euronation whatsaap based webinar held on October 28, 2017

  3. @genesisproject community
    Learning Is Just Perfect

Other minnows that have contributed to grow steem eco system are
@dante31 @stevenmosoes @michaelcj and supported by @destinysaid
They are also creative.

Thanks for sharing the love
Thanks for supporting minnows

I will nominate @michaelcj @phunke @valency1 @perkinxin @nairadaddy @mayowadavid for their level of consistent in steemit. they have step up their level of way in this platform and above all they have been lively. lastly i will recommend two group who has developed the habit of helping minnow @airhawk-project

I want to nominate also @steemnaira this group is awesome, they are all doing a wonderful job, to be honest it is never a thing of regret to nominate this platform, i will say awesome members, already made whales incredible people.

Good day @rok-sivante,i am very happy with this kind of idea, i also reed @stellabelle comment on someone post the other day talking about integrity, i was touched and think then the conclusion wasnt made on that post that day..
Which really make me very happy about this, i will like to nominate @airhawk-project, this is where i start my steemit life and some other minnows keep joining under @airhawk-project everyday, due to all he have been doing for us,encouraging us to make a good contents, teaching on how to write and attract and others like that, and even curate us with the sp he lease,it have been a great community so far for
minnows like me and many more out there, so my nomination goes to @airhawk-project

my normination goes to @airhawk-project he has been helpful in numerous ways to steemit nigeria community, not by only producing quality post and curating also in training and teaching minnows how to create quality content and make impact on the steemit platform @rok-sivante i will like to invite you to come and see for your self Join Here

Hi @rok-sivante in the history of #steemit have not seen telegram group that is activate like @airhawk-project , this community has diverse programs, show, contest and ever helping minnows in diverse ways. I give all my voting power to them because they are really showing heart of selflessness and helping the community in can check out the tag or join the over 1k members on telegram here

@rok-sivante i have got to say i really love what you are doing .

I would love to nominate @airhawk-project for the selfless actions in which they help minnows grow and also educate minnows on life on Steemit

Your new initiative is quite impressing
Keep up the good work of returning back to the community

@airhawk-project is a project that strives curating undervalue post in the ocean of posts on steemit i for knw how it feels creating a quality content and end up seeing 0.02 cent, it was when i met them that every thing changed for me, i think they deserve more steem power to enable them continue their good work and take steemit platform to higher places

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I am well please to nominate @airhawk-project not for the sake of my self advantages...
But for her thrives, willingness to serve, dedications to her goals and purpose, effort in boosting the Steemit community, qualitative content motivator, spreading happiness over thousands of discouraged and hopeless steemians accross the globe and many more...

I cant say all,but above in few, I did say a big thanks to the initiator's and founders of The airhawk-project.... God bless

I nominate @illuminatus

One thing I appreciate about him is that he isn't biased. He tries alot to avoid judging others.

He relates well with people. He is diligent with his work on steemit. He posts good contents too that are very entertaining and educative.

He deserves it.

Hello @rok-sivante
I would like to norminate @airhawk-project actually its a commuinty group that helps to curate quality content with over 1k members and it also helps to further transaction as a third party man easing the access one has to go through to convert sbd/steem to his or her local currency without any charge. If there is anything as selfless service they would be rank No.1
It also provides tutorial to newbie and help all find a way in this great platform.
The floor is always open to new suggestion everytime and everyone voice matters when it comes to @airhawk-project no special treament is given to anyone even the admins.
If you would like to confirm this yourself pls click on the below link as it will take you to the group page via telegram mobile app.
I hope with the above have been able to convince you to consider @airhawk-project

You may want to take a look at @airhawk-project, a community of diverse individuals who are majorly from Nigeria. @airhawk-project have been of immense benefit through its educative and informative post that helps channels our youthful energy towards being productive and making us conversant with technology and new innovations. I can assure you that a little will make a lot of difference in order for @airhawk-project to better serve its community. I will glad nominate them. Thank you.

@rok-sivante if I could hack ur account and delegate the steem power I would have already done it and give it to @airhawk-project, a community were the minnows come 1st and their well being and happiness on the steemit platform its Thier utmost piority, @airhawk-project is not just a community its a place we're were one see each other as brothers and sisters and help improve each other

I recommend @airhawk-project for this reward the comunity has been so supportive and motivating . Much of the success i have made on steemit is due to their encouragement i use to remmeber one of this their quote which is my source of inspiration "Nothing can stop us" and to be sincer nothing can stop them. They are always creative, every week they find solutions to challenges and always over come them. I am very sure steemit Nigeria success is majorly base on @airhawk-project. With all this said i must give salute to the wonderful leader of the group @dreamchaser. He is really a dream chaser . making our steemit dreams come to past. Thanks for the wonderful oppoturnity to serve also in the community.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am a newbie here, and if it is possible to nominate two persons I will like to nominate @airhawk-project they have been of help to many of us newbies and those of us in Nigeria and @jaff8 who is a fellow Nigerian he was the first Nigerian I ment as since the he has always made sure Many of us Nigerian newbies are doing well, he also introduced us to @airhawk-project

Hi @rok-sivante, I'm glad someone finally have the minnows at heart.

I nominate @airhawk-project . They are dedicated to helping minnows grow and because of them so many people like me have been motivated to stay focus on steemit. They organize lectures on telegram focused mainly at growing minnows. They deserve this from what I've seen @airhawk-project done so far. Helping them grow is equivalent to helping several other minnows you may not be able to reach to grow as well.
Thank you!

Hello @rok-sivante, I must firstly thank you for this opportunity to give kudos and at the same time nominate people who have contributed greatly to the live of others particularly Nigerians through their post on this platform.

@airhawk-project have made me laugh many times, they educated me and wiped my tears. I came across @airhawk-project when ponzi almost pull me down. As a matter of fact, I got everything I learnt in STEEMIT from them. I don't even bother myself of using Google anymore because I believe they will always have answer to my questions.
So, I gladly nominates @airharwk-project. The greatest project/educating platform I have ever come across on steemit.
They are always ready to assist others and they have even put in place all necessary platforms such as education, entertainment, citation of community content steem and and transaction hub among others to make live easy for people.

Thank you, @airhawk-project I nominates

I nominate @airhawk-project, the reason for my nomination is obvious to everyone on Steemit especially to the Nigerian community on steemit. The airhawk-project has made life easy for everyone who makes use of the platform, it has also undoubtedly ensured the newbies are carried along and well tutored, if you haven't joined airhawk-project, then you are missing out.

I would like to recommend this awesome young hardworking writer. He deserves a little recognition for his work.

This his work wowed me

His name is @churchboy

Thank you, sir.

I would like to nominate @tfame3865 From Nigeria. He is a wonderful and dedicated writer. His contents are mixtures of originality, edutainment, good grammatical structures and in all these he still managr to keep it simple. I've been following him for some months now and his consistency in providing quality contents have been top notch. So if any minnow truly deserves this reward and recognition it is him.

  1. Nominees are to be located in a "third-world / developing" country, wherein a little bit of rewards goes a long ways.

As a member of a South American "third-world / developing" country currently undergoing a constant and continuous struggle for survival. I would have to nominate the account @nnnarvaez. Click here to check his last post & confirm how you could support as many users in need in one fell swoop and also get as much ROI as you could expect for your support.

Also if you know of any groups or communities wherein a majority of the members meet these qualifications, please do share links as well.

Yep! what I've already said above says it all. Please, check the link. :)

  1. Self-nominations are NOT allowed.

Oh! Wadda pity.. since I thought the content of the good @por500bolos is worth to deserve more views at least. But yeah, I guess he cannot be able to write a single word in the third-person perspective of why his content is worthy of being considered. Sheesh!! }:)

However, I might still consider certain nominees from the first-world if the quality of their writing is very high.

As for Inspirational, Originality, Informative / Educational, Entertaining, Excellently structured, grammatically & professionally well-written and exceptional quality material with near-flawless consistency. in this case, I will have to nominate to @tarazkp & @denmarkguy for this segment. But yeah, I bet you prolly already knew them pretty well @rok-sivante. ;)

First of all, I need to thank you for this oppurtunity you have given we citizens of the third world countries. Not many people give us this opportunities. This will go a long way in helping the winner out.

I'd like to nominate @illuminatus for this. He has this way of holding his audience captive with the various articles he writes. However, his work is not even nearly visible enough. It would be really amazing if you had him on your radar. Thanks a lot.

After meeting this incredible individual quite funny with a very good sense of humor, he made my stay in the concluded Steemit in Nigeria conference in ILE-IFE comfortable. I nominate @illuminatus for being an interesting person, likewise his posts.

I nominate @illuminatus for his consistency on writing and peotry(which he has always claimed he isn't)
I choose @illuminatus because of his behavior as a curator for the Nigerian community although we have about six curators but I don't think they are meeting up with the curating job
@illuminatus would surely be a good helping hand to them. :)

Seeing all the good works that the @airhawk-project is doing on steemit, especially helping the Nigerian community to grow rapidly on the Steemit, I'll be insane if I don't nominate him.

So my nomination goes to @airhawk-project

The best community that have changed my steemit life. Truth!

Happy Steeming

I am new here,and i dont know much,but the little i learnt and have gained is from @airhawk-project.
Its community has been a great help to me and over a 1k people.
For that i will recommend @airhawk-project as a benefieciary for its works..

I nominate @steemnaira for it selfless and unending support for minnows. @steemnaira is worthy of a huge selection because of impact and attention they have given to newbies and minnows like us!

@steemnaira is a legend in the Nigeria community. Watch out for more because we are cooking something unique that's gonna drop like a bomb on steemit.

This will go a long way to support them in their journey.

Thank you so much.


A. @tezmel would be my nomination hands down. She writes poetry from the heart.

B. Do you follow the @ocd project? There are a TON of quality content creators nominated every day there.

C. Haha was going through old #yunk stuff and saw you were one of the first big supporters haha. Good times.

Good day, i really commend your effort for this really.

@airhawk-project is one community i can not but recommend for this.

I appreciate their selfless effort towards supporting minnows and i believe if they get more support, they will be able to reach out to more people.

Thank you

In this kind of service you dont norminate an individual so my normination goes to @airhawk-project

I nominate @tfame3865 he is outstanding on he's field..

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Yes i agree with you he has picked a good niche and he is consistent with it
I nominate @tfame3865

I also nominate @airhawk-project the nigerian community is a great beneficiary of this project and its generosity.

I nominate @illuminatus, this guy is so fantastic, very humble and got all the qualities, try to check his blog to find out if am telling the truth.

Would like to nominate @tfame3865 for his kind consistency in steemit. Please look out to him

I nominate @illuminatus, he is a creative and wonderful writer with great content

No self nomination, i would have chose me i too post nice articles, but since i can't, i do vouch for
@airhawk-project they have being doing great rising a community that will benefit all steemians on the long run, they upvote nice content, post content that are worth reading, if I'm to nominate anytime for any steemians i prolly will still vote @airhawk-project
He's the man.

@rok-sivante am nominating @airhawk-project for their melodious work u can peep dem using this link click

I nominate @illuminatus. He is cool and awesome with mind-blowing posts but with low rewards. He deserves this

I nominate @airhawk-project for their immense selfless services to Steemians and also their drive in supporting and building steem.

I believe @illuminatus deserves this grace. My reason is that he is more than consistent and therefore, he deserves more than what he gets as reward

I'm nominating @illuminatus for his creativity and his contribution to the Nigerian community. @illuminatus all the way

I nominate @airhawk-project, its consistency is second to none.
A support for a community which already has good plans for support is a great idea.


Informative / Educational
Excellently structured, grammatically & professionally well-written

you just describe @airhawk-project your self cost thats what they live for. am nominating them

Hi @rok-sivante, I wish I could participate in this contest but I will love to nominate a friend that has been a constant follower of my blog. @illuminatus is a good and consistent steemian who deserves more than what he get. He should have the grace. I appreciate your visits to my blog. Thank you

Hello @rok-sivante

Your effort towards keeping this community growing is fully appreciated.

I nominate @airhawk-project for his selfless services and originality

I have a nominee for you : @transcript-junky
His stuff is authentic, deep, good for the community (albeit read WAY too little if you ask me) and just absolutely brilliant!
And as I know that he'd rather not disclose where he is hanging out in the world, I know that he not only deserves some extra dosh but could use it aswell!
Or atleast I think so!
Amazing thing you are doing here Mister Sivante!

Thanks for the recommendation, @ashleykalila. I see that @rok-sivante did indeed read my last "boundary-pushing" post, and commented. I welcome any support. Just for the record, I AM INDEED living in the "developing" world, which @rok-sivante has made one of his requirements. I AM drawing in consistent new followers, but some additional regular ups DOES INDEED help pay for massage ointment for my fingers, which really take a beating on my keyboard. Anyway, thank for the recommendation.

Ok no idea what his latest post is about hehe

Great and wonderful gesture. I nominate @airhawk-project
It has awesome way of reviewing various contests going on steemit. With this, information goes around and gets to people. It also makes posts on crypto knowledge for the benefit of the newbies. Above all, it created carious telegram communities for different purposes. You may wish to visit her account. Thanks for this awesome programme and your special consideration of third-world countries. Very kind of you.

I nominate @churchboy, I think he deserves a chance to be amongst the chosen ones. He writes very well. Thank you

I'd nominate @churchboy for his

Assistance for newbies.
Referring and encouraging writers.
Dedication to stimit.

The above are little amongst his qualities of this great mind, he is worth all he can get

Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to nominate @churchboy. He writes educative stories and inspirational posts. He has been a positive spirit for newbies and has been a huge source of encouragement. He is from Nigeria. Thank you.

i nominate @illuminatus
he is creative, a good writer and his writings are original, that is to say...he does not plagarise

This is a good way to shake up the community into a wake.
Since we can't go for it ourself. I think I would have to nominate someone I think is worthy of the task.
@Illuminatus is the perfect person. He has a clean record already, no spamming no plagiarism.

I nominate @illuminatus because he is a consistent writer who has captivating content and furthermore he has shown himself to be a community person

I nominate @illuminatus because he is qualitative in writing.

My nomination goes to @airhawk-project for their selfless work in grooming minnows on steemit platform, they have been providing help tremendously help to minnows and promoting quality post, they have been good at curating quality post and raising good quality content, I think they deserve it.

I nominate @illuminatus because of the great value in his contents. He has alot to offer the community.

I nominate @illuminatus Cos his posts has been super and touching lives

I nominate @illuminatus
His writing acumen is exceptional. And his creativity is wrapped in excellence

I'll nominate @illuminatus, he's a consistent writer, and he has a good reputation.

What a wonderful mission.

I look forward to seeing the new content from the nominees.

I'm still very new here and learning who posts about what and how often, but will certainly keep my eyes open for possible nominations I could offer.

Thanks for being so generous about how you share with this community. I always enjoy your thoughtful posts.

This is a great strategy and true support - logic.
I am really sorry for the large number of people who can not reach the peak. I am from Macedonia, here's a salary of $ 300, I would also like to put these countries on your list @rok-sivante

I hereby nominate @illuminatus. He is a great writer and a very consistent guy, team builder and player. Thanks

Would like to nominate @journeyoflife.

Not bad, thanks.

I norminate @tfame3865 he is a faithful person and a man of his word, please look out for him.

@illuminatus would go places with his contents. This could be a source of support and encouragement to what he has to offer to the community.

I nominate @airhawk-project for it selfless and unending support for minnows occupying diffrent races on a telegram group. They encourage and lead ,light the end of the tunnels for newbies. @airhawk_project is worthy !

This will go a long way to support them in their journey.

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I nominate @tfame3865 because of his consistency and his great posts ranging from poetry to game reviews....
I also nominate @airhawk-project .... This community Have been doing great things and I can testify to that.... Please consider them