The Dirty Dozen: My Top 12 Most HIGHLY Recommended Posts For Steemit Noobs To Accelerate Your Success...

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Navigating the turbulent waters of this platform is not always an easy or straightforward undertaking for those new to the domain.

Steemit is a whole other world.

The rules we've gotten used to on other social media sites don't necessarily fly here.

There is a unique culture that's grown organically in this space, unlike what any of us are used to from other online communities. And the whole model of rewarding contributors for the value they produce is a significant innovation that can be almost a bit of mindfuck at first, though serves to facilitate the emergence of an entirely different mindset and paradigm with entirely new realms of opportunity awaiting to be created.

Any way you put it, Steemit is dope. But, there are some things here that need figuring out to really maximize one's experience that are often squeezed in between the lines - or not even written anywhere at all.

Thus, the reason that some of the early adopters had been rewarded well for articulating such subtleties of the platform's dynamics, cultural codes, tips and pointers necessary to shorten newbies' learning curves.

Throughout my year on Steemit, I've played that role at times - passing along lessons learned to assist others in getting a grasp in this new space, sharing nuggets of wisdom to integrate into their content production to increase their success. Maybe I've been guilty of the #circlejerk thing at times, though it's been rewarding - both monetarily and personally - to pay forward some key insights and perspectives that have served others in their introduction to the space, in a way that hopefully has had the intended effect of inspiring others to raise the quality of their content contributed to the site through implementing some simple, powerful principles.

This post is a curation of twelve such posts I'd most highly recommend.

Going through them all might take a bit of time investment. But I promise it will be a worthy investment, if taken to heart and the wisdom within them implemented.

Each has been intentionally selected for reasons that shall be summarized.

The Top SEVEN Essential MUST-Read Posts To Deepen Your Understanding Of The Steem Ecosystem...

This one itself is a curation post, whose constituent stories are more on the technical side of things. Yet, they were some of the best content I've come across to date describing the dynamics of the Steem ecosystem and how it all works.

Some of these might be a bit heavy for absolute noobs in the crypto space, however are great resources to spend some time digging into to upgrade your knowledge.

And once again, props to all those contributing members: @steemrollin, @andrarchy, @wingz, @donkeypong, @sigmajin, @arhag, and @dan & @ned.

The Top 5 Reasons You Will Fail Miserably On Steemit: (Or How To Rock Your Rewards Like A Pro)

This is a more recent one, however a goodie.

There might be a little overlap between its key points and some of what are in the other eleven, yet there is great value in multiple perspectives. These are 5 succinct ones that embody fundamental points that'll make a big difference in your results on Steemit - and in life - when acted upon.

The Opportunity Cost Of Fluff: Realness, Rawness, And Badass Authenticity...

The title pretty much spells this one out.

While there is an endless stream of mediocre content on the net, we're paying our time, attention, and energy for everything that comes into our consciousness. And when others are reading our writing, they're paying their limited time. I, personally, place a HIGH value on ensuring they're getting their value's worth.

And some of the biggest keys to honoring our readers: honesty. Integrity. Authenticity.

Every story is an opportunity - to leave readers with something precious. This story spells it out why realness is so damn important to gift through your content.

Making A Difference: Does Any Of It REALLY Matter...?

While I do tend to write alot of philosophical posts, I felt this short one was critical to include here as it poses some very powerful guiding questions to keep a purposeful focus when creating content to share.

Also touching on the issue of opportunity cost, it's good to reflect every now and then whether what we're doing actually does matter. For every story we write, we're sacrificing another that could be written - one that could potentially have an even greater impact on its readers.

Of course, we eventually gotta publish something and will always give up the potential to output something "better." Nonetheless, the questions posed within may serve well to refine one's direction and purpose so as to increase the quality of writing to make more of a difference through it.

The FIVE Winning Ingredients For A Highly-Rewarded Steemit Post: What Makes A Story Successful

In nature, phenomena follows laws, structure, and formulas.

Turns out, storywriting - on Steemit or elsewhere - is somehow an extension of nature, and there are laws and formulas that can apply to it too.

Drawing on my influences from Wealth Dynamics, these five ingredients popped out to be the key ingredients for a successful story.

If you'd like to improve the quality of your writing - and consequentially earn more followers and rewards - then this one is a MUST-read. Implement what you learn correctly, and results are guaranteed. (Dare to attempt proving me wrong, and I'll happily provide feedback as to what's off in your recipes.)

It's a science.

Master these, and you'll have a steady stream of hit stories cookin' in the kitchen.

The FIVE Elements Of A Successful (Steemit) Story: How The Ancient Eastern Secrets Of Alchemy Are Your Key To Influence, Profit, And Inspiring Your Tribe...

This is sort of a Part-Two to the last.

I've been exploring eastern philosophy for years, including the I Ching and forms of alchemy. Interestingly enough, after I had started writing the last "Five Winning Ingredients" post, it dawned on me that I had actually mapped those ingredients out according to the five elements.

Going deeper into the five ingredients/elements, this gives a fuller perspective on each and how the principles behind Wealth Dynamics and eastern energetic alchemy play out in the domain of writing.

Very cool stuff.

Both parts are HIGHLY recommended to read.

The Greater Rewards: Why The Profits Are Only The Beginning Of Steemit...

It's easy to get blinded by the dollar figures at the bottom of our posts. It happens.

Yes, earning crypto rewards for our sharings is pretty fucking amazing. Though, it's also quite probable that occasionally, those financial gains may distract us from the other types of rewards this platform & community offer.

This is a great one to bring focus back to the bigger picture and remember what wealth we are able to create here besides the financial piece.

The Top SEVEN Tips For Steemit Newbies To Overcome Discouragement And Get Earning Top Dollars..

Discouragement happens. And starting out on Steemit, we're all bound to go through trials.

Stories we've poured our heart & soul into may earn pennies. It may take time to "find your voice" and determine what type of content you're best at creating that is well-received by the community. You may hit writer's block and encounter idiots whose misunderstandings of your ideas tempt you with distraction.

Success rarely flows smoothly, on Steemit or in life.

This was a great summary of some perspectives to keep in those trying times to help keep focus and persistence to charge through the obstacles and continue moving forward towards the prize money.

An Inside Glimpse Of A Diversified Crypto Portfolio: A Journey Through The Ups, Downs, And Success Principles... PART ONE

This one, I'd recommend to newbies to the cryptosphere who have yet to or are just beginning to invest in different cryptocurrencies - a position both myself and many others here started off as.

Blessed with a nice windfall of rewards from my first two months of writing here, I began diversifying those profits into a basket of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Mistakes, I made. Lessons, I learned. Passed them on, I had through this three part series.

With increasing numbers of ICOs popping up left, right, and center, it can be difficult to discern how/where to most wisely invest in the crypto world. This story compresses the key nuggets of wisdom that emerged through my experience and guide my personal investment/trading strategy.

By no means investment advice, this doescontain some great pointers that may help shorten the learning curve of anyone newer to the world of crypto investing.

A Toast: To The Imminent Decline Of The Nefarius Social Media Trolls (Thanks To Steemit's Bad-Ass Culture Of Character)...

A good one articulating some of the differences of Steemit's culture and how it prevents shitty behavior that is commonly found on other social media platforms.

Not essential to improving one's writing or navigating their way on Steemit, but provides some great context to appreciate what it is we're building here and how the dynamic serves to create an excellent community space with benefits conventional social media may never have.

If you've noticed an absence of trolls on Steemit, here's why. And if you do happen to encounter some along the way, here are some reasons to keep in mind for how to respond and help set an example that this ain't the space for it.

Also a bit of an entertaining read that should put a smile on your face. :-)

Reframing Web 3.0: Is Steemit Destined To Lead The Demise Of Social Media...?

Is Steemit really a "social media" site?

I'd argue not. And this short and sweet article states why.

While there may be aspects of this platform that are similar to other social media, we're in a different ballpark here, and the distinctions between them are important to keep in context.

There are many opportunities to be created in this new space, and first, we must create clarity on what makes this space different from others such that we understand its unique position and advantages.

It's my hope that this one shall help create that clarity.

The Dawn Of The Crypto Tsunami: Profits And The Future Of Collaborative Potentials...

This one isn't pertaining to Steemit specifically, but has been included to broaden our lens to the bigger implications of what we're just beginning in this crypto world.

Steemit has been the beginning of many of our journeys into the cryptosphere, and there are far greater potentials and opportunities ahead with blockchain technology that it's valuable to keep in focus.

Steemit is a great, easily-accessible starting point. Though what's to evolve in this space - different applications of the technology and economic rewards-based-on-votes model - shall bring alot of cool developments.

This story serves to expand vision into some of what may come, providing a holistic view of what global transformation may result from what we're just beginning to dip our toes into here, and planting seeds.

And, that's that.

Alot of reading, yes. But, get through it, and you're bound to walk away empowered with some golden nuggets of wisdom and empowering principles to accelerate your ascension to Steemit superstardom.

And if you've found this to be great content, PLEASE RE-STEEM IT. And pay what you've learnt forward.

The faster we get newbies up to speed, the more great content there'll be on this site, and the more enriched a community it shall become for all of us. So please play what role you can in passing the torch to the next generations of Steemians to come.



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