im trying to do it daily man!

I have worked a good time as curator and moderator in some important communities, and I believe that steemit as a general community needs a basic regulation regarding content. I have seen that on the one hand post translations are accepted, and on the other hand it is frowned upon.

So when you get a translated post voted on by a witness you say "this goes well, it's allowed, I'm not doing wrong with translating my content from ENG to SPA or SPA to ENG". Then you find yourself one day with a huge flag, insults and a lot of hatred. Just as if you are an artist you draw something already created by someone else, the process and your effort is not worth it, because some powerful people demand that it be 101% original. For them original in the art of painting = something not seen yet.

So when there is discord among users about whether or not they are doing the right things, if everyone creates their own rule, I think that in order for there to be peace and greater contribution to the growth of steemit, there must at least be a debate and even a vote proposed by the witnesses who operate curation communities. I believe that the community is not being listened to, that is why they do things badly, to attract attention or simply leave.

It would be a good idea for sincere contributors to put the #makesteemgreatagain tag onto their original posts. Of course, this is temporary, for the 'shit-posters' will soon get wind of it, but initially, it would be a great way for genuine people to interact and form a community. Later on, the tag could perhaps be tweaked or some other ideas be found.

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First, this is my suggestion for this challenge. If possible, you need to include support "with upvote" (maybe) for their interesting ideas. This will answer the question of "what will I get if I participate in this challenge?"

Finally, Allow me to share this in Indonesian.

Good Luck...!!!

Nest newbies and make good perks to let newbies be engaged in the platform in a good way. Make a good community that will take the time to explain and answer the questions any newbie would have. The learning curve is so steep when you get here, someone or a group of people should shadow you and be your guide along the first few days or months of your journey here. We are going to try this here, we are slowly making a community with the Plankton Token and we encourage interactive participation of each member in Discord. I think, slowly, we can correct a lot of things here.


making Steem great again would require far less shitposts and far more originality, intellect, heart, and soul.

This will always be me...

Challenge accepted...

Perhaps this is the best comment on the Steemit platform. Vital, relevant and human. Thank you very much. Good luck and good mood.


I've been here for one year only but I see already some 'trends' such as people abandoning the platform as soon as the price is low and planning to get back once the conditions are more favorable, shit posts like you mentioned, curation rewards hunters, etc. These things are not good for the platform at all. But there are still people who do a great job here and even promote Steemit/Steem on other social media as well. What we need is to bring more people with large followings on other social media so that they bring their followers with them. There are projects who work hard to promote Steemit and get people on board and we all should support them.

You gave a great challenge and I hope that people will come up with some ideas that will make this platform great again :)

In fact there are a lot of things that can be done to improve steem. I think we just should promote it using different marketing strategies. People who are making videos on dtube may promote the platform and find more video creators, people who are making music and podcasts promote is thgrough dsound, actifit people find audiance between sportsmen, writers promote busy, developers promote utopian etc... Maybe the community should reward those people for doing so, or just propose them to do so.

Let's say a prmotion somewhere costs $10 somewhere, so we upvote someone to get that amount of money and he will use it to promote an app. We may need also a crypto exchange where the main currency is steem, not like blocktrades, but a trading platform.

We can also create a store online that accept steem, something like ebay.

Developers can for example link our steem accounts to all social media to earn steem there and to make every account in social media show how much they earned from each content shared there.

I think there are a lot things we can still do to make steem even greater.

I am trying to post good original content on steem every day. Not using any bid bots or upvote stuff either, just letting it earn whatever it earns. Between that and leaving lots of comments to support up-and-coming steemians on the "new" tag, I feel like I'm making a pretty good contribution right now.

I like this idea! I would like to see STEEM as the next BTC. That would be great. So today I commit myself, although sometimes I get home tired after a long day of work, to publish more often, to invite other friends to join, to make enriching comments and promote quality publications. I take up the challenge! A Chinese proverb says that people who move mountains start by carrying small stones. Greetings, @rok-sivante

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