SteemStream v3 featuring Sound - Adding a mesmerizing track to the Pulse of Steem

in steemit •  last year

After having laser removed my Steemit tattoo (made a typo), it was time to add a most wanted feature to the project: Audio!

I've spent a couple of days searching for soundbites which align with the 'stream' theme and also with the specific types of transactions written in the blockchain.

The end result is a chimey background track as the base and sprinkled on top are:

  • random 'upvote' raindrops
  • 'comment' pen clicks
  • 'transfer' and 'limit order' money flapping
  • 'new post' gongs
  • 'new user' sizzle
  • 'downvote' rocks
  • 'pow' bubbling gas

All in all a weird ever changing compilation of sounds of the Steemit Network.

Visit for v3 and hit 'Audio On' in the top-left
Turn on your volume!

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thanks for this information. what is the best thing a new comer can do to contribute and grow?

This is fun! I think I'll keep it running in the background to see how long it takes before I lose my mind ;)

So this is what, steem sounds like ?
I imagined it had a bassdrum pumping, like a steam engine :)


this is more with the 'stream' analogy => water... I like your idea too... Maybe I should add a 'Theme'-picker?


Theme picker is a great idea , or maybe have an advanced mode where people can pop in urls for custom sound schemes. I'd love to have a cash register sound go when someone upvotes my stuff :)

with a tattoo that did not work !))

It sounds like a weird japanese game lol

Music can change the world, steemit is no exception.

That was quite nice for a while quite relaxing but soon got on my nerves I would end up turning it off


You can turn on & off some types of 'transactions' via the graph interface at the bottom.. For example click the upvotes to turn them off!


Ah ok that Would help

Beautiful job @roelandp now we can listen to steemit 24/7 instead of just thinking about it!

Holy cow im only 1 reputation point away from you! your way more famous. I guess ill take it though. How is the car?


omg such wow :) You mean our Hyundai Getz? It's great!


This is steem not doge LOL

Wov this sounds like an ambiente music! :)
Okay, after 5 minutes I needed to turn it off, but it is still a good idea.

Ok, these news it's what makes me sleep good at night, improvements like this I love them.


That is all.

hello steemstream I like you a real lot, thank you for your interface. . .

Could I ask do you ever summarize that stream data collected per minute into a useable analysis of hourly time of day per weekday summary format ???

/ hugz ; )

I love what you've done, can you add a special sound when whales upvote,post ,etc? Thanks

fantastic - well done

How can one pause the stream... can you add the feature, this is a wonderful web application, If only one could pause and join back realtime

Thats cool ! Audio on a must. Thanks Roelandp