Recap: My Steem Presentation at Oracle (yes the database company :P) for the Dutch Telecom Society group

in steemit •  last year

One of the duties of a witness (imho) is to promote Steem, so when the TSOC reached out to me about 1.5 months ago whether I wanted to talk about Steemit and Steem at their networking event I definitely said yes.

Yesterday the event was due, it was in the new Oracle HQ in Utrecht about 24 kilometers away from Amsterdam. I drove off 1.5 hours before the kickoff but thanks to mega traffic jams I almost was too late :) When arriving at the venue the pre-drinks were already over and people were ushered into the presentation auditorium. Nico, who arranged all the speakers for this Blockchain themed evening explained me quickly how we were going to do the evening.

Out of the 75 registrations about 50-60 people were actually attending. Almost everyone was wearing a suit and I think I saw only one lady. Quite bizarre :)

After Nico's intro, Dimitri from TNO talked about Blockchains and the projects they setup. Then Lucas from Oracle went on stage and he did not really focus on Blockchain that much, but more on Access Level Control & Identity Management software they are building together with KPN. Then it was my turn, the final speaker, such an honour :P

In the following video you see my slides:

As the texts on the slides are in dutch, this is a brief summary of what I talked about:

  1. I'm roeland - this my history: hotelschool bachelor then websites coding, followed by social apps followed by mobile apps until now, the blockchain.
  2. I have always fascinated by the 10.000 BTC 2 Pizza's story
  3. I ran a mini mining rig in our pantry
  4. Until I discovered Steemit last summer
  5. I Posted a make up video
  6. Steem is more than a blockchain for storing monetary transactions
  7. It's a a blockchain based network returning the value creation to it’s creators & curators & maintainers
  8. It's 1 Blockchain but has many applications: talking about,, eSteem and the (working title) Steemstagram app.
  9. Talking about benefits of a decentralized blogging / social network: No censorship, no great firewall of china, no centralized place of power.
  10. Talking about potential disadvantages of a decentralized blockchain based network: Spam is included, copyrighted material is posted and illegal content can potentially be posted.
  11. Then I continued to compare Steem Blockchain Tech (DPOS) versus Bitcoin Tech (POW). I first showed an excerpt of this video
  12. Followed by some pictures of a Chinese Bitcoin Mining farm and a Electricity factory.
  13. I compared Steem to Bitcoin in a table:
    10000 tx/s
    7 tx/s
    40 sec. 100% confirmation time20 - 120 min 100% confirmation time
    6 kWatt for DPOS minimum300.000 kWatt - current power consumption of BTC network
    0 ct. tx cost0.30 ct. tx cost
  14. Continued my talk and told about the Witnesses and their tasks:
    Primary Tasks:
    • Maintaining their servers
    • Keeping up the network parameters
    • Regularly publish updated price feeds
    • Install software updates (hardforks) when due

    Secondary Tasks:
    • promoting Steem
    • supporting of Steem related projects
  15. Then I talked a bit about the software release cycle, transparency in development of the platform and introduction of new features.

  16. After that about how a DPOS network could go bad, with the recent Golos example where one guy bought half of all the available ICO-tokens (300 BTC) at once just before the market closed. He displayed it's influence by gaining a Top 19 position within a couple of hours by voting with many bot accounts. Things settled down now, in case you are wondering.

  17. At the end of my presentation I envisioned things which I could see happening / hoping to happen with Steem in the near future:

    • Side chains with smart contract-esque apps.
    • Private messaging on the blockchain
    • A simplification of the datastructure allowing for a unifrom Key/Value datastore.

After the presentation we went for a bite in their lunchroom, were Indonesian food was served and I shared the table with some people who talked about the dot-com 00' bubble and burst and their experiences and answered some Q's by several attendees about Steemit.

All in all it was a nice evening and this morning after having had a cup of coffee in my new oracle coffee mug, I really woke up on the North Sea during a very cold 4°C (39 °F) water kitesurf session.

Have a nice weekend!!

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I missed your news !!!

I used to work at Oracle. I'm just wondering if anyone there already knew :-) but guess now. nice little mug you have there.

I've been thinking of doing presentations and I like to have yours as a guide! Thanks for doing this.

This is hilarious! I love the video slides and how you made it so creative.

Awesome way to represent the platform, Roeland!

Did anyone sign up? I will see if I can do a talk for our local IT networking group


I don't know whether the attendees signed up. That was also not core of my presentation directly, to have people to sign up. More to tell about alternative blockchain technology and what is happening in the "other" world.... This world :) Amongst those corporates, Blockchain, is a very much hyped word, and it could be of interest if one of those corps picks Graphene / Chainbase or even Steemit as the preferred Blockchain technology.


Among the attendees were: People from Deloitte, T-Mobile, Cisco, KPN, Oracle (Obviously), TNO, Verizon, Vodafone.


@roelandp vet!

This is so cool to read the major lines of approach you used to do the presentation. Thank you very very much for sharing this with us all, empowering us all with the potential to do very similar public presentation, after sharpening our skills on individuals! ;)

Not only that, the visibility you gave Steem by underlining its inherent powers was super solid, easy to understand and straight to the point. Loving it!

Again, thank you for your dedication, all for one and one for all! Namaste :)

very cool brother. upvoted..


thx TJF. When are you going to write an introduction post? :D :D


In time brother, I will!

Wow! Thank you so much for doing this. Education about steem is key and you educated some heavy hitters! Thank you!

How did you get to 300 000 KW ?

Network power consumption : 2126.60 MW (2 126 000 KW)
producing : 3 189 904 332 GH/s



I used an avg. of 0.1 watt per GH/s -> 300 MW. This seems to be a conservative approach if you compare it to the site you link to :)

I based my 0.1 waat per GH/s on these sources:


Yeah, that's truly a best case scenario, Mining at 0.53w/ghs here. (winter help)

Well done, brother! 👍

I forgot about your makeup tutorial :P Hope things look promising from the reactions after your presentation.

Miss you in steemspeak buddy! I know you're busy working hard growing Steemit, thank you!

That seemed like a very interesting presentation.

Very nice @roelandp! It seems that you had a busy time!

That's awesome man! I hope this brings some new eyeballs to the community.

Upvoted and resteemed :-) Very good work.

After that about how a DPOS network could go bad, with the recent Golos example where one guy bought half of all the available ICO-tokens (300 BTC) at once just before the market closed. He displayed it's influence by gaining a Top 19 position within a couple of hours by voting with many bot accounts. Things settled down now, in case you are wondering.

How did this resolve itself? I saw posts on but I found it difficult to follow using Google Translate.


I think @serejandmyself or @xanoxt might be able to explain this further.


I would also like to know this. Same can happen to steem I think.


Interesting news on steemit. Your manner of writing is very easy and interactive . Great ! :) And yes, it is bizarre that there was only one lady. :)
Upvoted and followed

thanks for sharing, perfect information.

Companies like Oracle are founded many years ago and go through a transformation to adopt to the latest trends and acquire innovation (by acquiring companies). I think it is important to spread the word in these environments. I am often in Oracle office in Utrecht and it's true, there are not so many ladies ;) I wish I knew about your presentation.

Hope some day it will cross paths with bitcoin in case of amount

Glad to know someone of Good And precise skill

I guess Steemit is in Good hands

Hi, @roelandp

Thanks for! I suggest you a more correct translation of the form into Russian.

Sorry that I am writing to you here - I do not know how to contact you otherwise.

Sincerely, Vadim Barsukov (

p.s. I also sent you an application for inclusion my wordpress plugin in your directory.

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