Why We Should Thank Ned, Dan, Haejin & BernieSanders

in steemit •  11 months ago

Ned Scott and Dan Larimer created the first social network based on blockchain technology.
A revolutionary act, that changed the lifes of many people.

@ned helped to support the work of creative people around the globe, many in places that so far got less chances than they deserved.

@haejin is one of the most successful creators of work on the Steemit. His income numbers show that he knows how the platform works - that's for sure, regardless of how different people judge the quality of his postings.

Some say the quality of @haejin's posts is outstanding. If they are on the money people from all over the internet will gravitate to his work. Journalism and entertainment awards will be around the corner and add publicity to Steemit.

Others like @berniesanders dislike his content. They I guess argue that @haejin hacked the system.

My take on it is: if he hacked it, he did it well. And exposed the system for being hackable, as I guess any system is. If this is the case, I think we have to thank @haejin and @berniesanders in the same way.

Hacking the system and exposing the hack give Ned, Dan, all of us and the web community as a whole the chance to improve blockchain-based social media.

If there are better algorithms to reward the best of social media authors, artists, bloggers, writers and scientists financially - they will be developed sooner or later.

The best of them will be the new Facebook. This is a big price that will be achieved only by hard work - on every level.

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