Steemit Has Made It Possible To Enjoy Holi With My Family This Year.

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It was a great time and after two years to enjoy the holi with your friends and family. Since last two years I was not able to come to home due to my job. They only give me one day leave for the festival and it takes 6 hours to go to home so I was not able to come. But this year as steemit has grown so much and new developement on the way, I have quit my job one month ago. @surfyogi made me realize how strong is steemit and here I can earn more than my 9 to 6 job.

The best part about this community is that we can have freedom and can work from the place of our comfort. We can spend a lot of time with our loved ones and friends, and at the same time we can update the community about it. Steemit has changed my life a lot and now it has become a different part of our daily life. Now I cannot imagine my life without it.

Talk enough, let me show you some of the beautiful and colorful pictures of this festival. Yoy will be surprise to see all of us like this.

Let me know if you recognize me in these pics.










The same images can be found on my facebook page also.

Greetings From @rocksg



Wow, this is what I love to see.

Everyone seems to be having a very good time. I hope you will comment and explain to us more about what this holiday symbolizes to you and why it is done this way.
Very artistic post mon!

It is the end of winter here in India and to welcome the spring season here in India, we celebrate holi on the full moon night of Phalgun month, a month according to Hindu Calender.
Holi is celebrated on two days. On one day, we lit a bornfire and we pray for good health, luck and prosperity. People wishes everyone a happy holi.
On the next day, we play with colors and it symbolizes the love, happiness and filling everybody's life with colors. Even on this day enemies become friends and forget all the past things. A fresh beginning is ahead to welcome to spring season. Sweets, loud music, colors, dancing is all about holi in India. Soon I will be uploading our dancing video on dtube, although it is not very much clear but it is good to let the community know about holi.

a holi cow i encountered last year on my first visit to India ~ thanks for sharing more about its meaning. i am so inspired Steemit made it possible for you to fund this trip and gave you the freedom to quit your 9-5 job. Om Namo Narayan ~

I think my mother would simply say, "Too messy! Stop!"

It is good to be independent of a boss, I agree. Allows the mind to develop on it's own without being hammered to do this or that..

Nice words .

@rocksg i taught a phone app was used in editing the picture at first, not until i read your reply and saw the whole pictures. I wish to come to India someday to take part in the fun. Much love from @paulove

You are welcome to my country.

It's nice to have the freedom that steemit brings, this platform is also good for me, someone who can not work due to ill health, I have found that I am able to have a lif too.
Hope you enjoy your selves
steemon :)

Yes my friend steemit is helping the people to live their dreams.

wait until the steem price rises as well, someone I know has said it could be as high as $70 per steem. that is a massive life changing sum for a lot of people.


Thanks to Steemit!! Looks like you had a fun Holi.

Beautiful photos. Here's another little something from the Adaman Islands:
Holi Gif.gif

How could you guys do this...its beautiful..steem on

A cool and bright post.
It is simply pleasant to look at joyful faces)

Steemit.... Making people become their own boss

Yea it really a live changing platform, hope you have fun

Happy famaly buddy
Good famaly

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