1000 Followers!!!!!! A Dream Come True!

in #steemit7 years ago


I can't believe in 2 months, I have accumulated so many followers!

Every single person who follows me I am following you back, and I thank you all!

I have met some really interesting bloggers along the way, and have learned more than I could imagine from the Steemit platform!

I look forward to the future and love hearing from all of my followers! You help me, giving the courage to keep posting, and always keep me inspired along the way!

I promise to upvote and resteem as much as possible



Congratulation on 1000+ followers. I am still new but am happy with the 70 followers I have, I know that number will grow. Roll/steem-on and have fun.

Steem on! Thanks for following!

well done robjc, once again!

Congrats, that's awesome! Hope I can make it here someday too! <3

Anything is possible with the right mind set

Congrats on a wonderful two months.

I added myself to your follow list.

Thanks! I love the cat on your profile pic! :D

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