Now you can se pending payout in SBD and STEEMPOWER!

in steemit •  last year

Just want to inform anyone that missed this new thing from Steemit.

Now you can see your pending payout in SBD and STEEMPOWER

Just click on the arrow and you will see it
Skärmavbild 2018-02-07 kl. 22.57.19.png

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Wow, this is sweet, thanks for informing us!


You're welcome. Its a really nice thing tbh :)

it doesn't show the curators reward before payout though.... that would have been great

Cool. I like it this way.


Me too it's really nice :)

I just noticed this when I was checking my posts in the morning I love it


Yeah, It is really good thing :)

Hot damn, good to know!

Nice work well spotted :)

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Well done...
Good to know~

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Yea... I just noticed this yesterday