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Are you Ready to Steem in Beautiful SF?

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@steemrollin and I are organizing a meetup for mid-late October and looking to connect with Steemians in the area. Please help by resteeming this post or tagging your local Cali Steemian friend.

Help us bring Steemit to the Golden State!

Thanks in advance. Cheers and Steem on!


Thanks for sharing @robertdurst10

It's a shame that I live a few thousand miles ... and across a border.


Thank U @robertdurst10 for sharing

That would be awesome :-D!!! I live in Monterey County and have been thinking about checking out a local meetup once one popped up.

Keep me posted man!!!

Awesome!!! Will definitely keep you in the loop! Go here to signup:

Thanks for sharing ,

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You guys should come out to the next Oakland Blockchain Developers Meetup... The next one is this Thursday... Thus far, we've been focusing primarily on Ethereum and Solidity development in conjunction with JavaScript/React, but we're definitely open to expanding our stack.