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in this case I want to share, to steemit loyal users where we need to pay attention to the article we will post. so we are satisfied for maximum results.

Is it important?

I think it matters, because small things will be great if we are careful. Many of us may want to rank but still can not be reached.

my little advice! ! ! !

☞create articles that are useful for others.
☞master what you want to write and the work itself.
☞switch the content of articles into other blogs, so that readers happy.
☞give images that match the contents of the article.

your efforts will not be in vain, the important thing you are sure and keep fighting, look for friends follow him.To increase the power of your blog for the applicationwhich is in line with steemit.

so my advice may be your pleasant day. .
greeting steemit. .

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