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Update5: And we're back. Let's never do that again.

Update4: Brought down to adjust some configs for multi-threading.

Update3: The performance issues are being worked on.

Update2: 4.3 GB/6.7 GB (65.2%) of messages restored. Folks have had a lot to say haha.

Update: If didn't exist would it move the conversation to Would that be good or bad? Discuss.

Sorry for the down time folks. I was made aware of a security vulnerability for older versions of Rocket Chat (we were on 0.56). The only solution was to update version which requires a database conversion. We're going to skip a bunch of versions to 0.60.0 which comes with its own issues.

  1. If you use a mobile client be sure to download Rocket.Chat+ (note the plus sign at the end)

  2. Currently mobile reactions aren't working. Hopefully that'll be resolved in an upcoming release.

The new version has a lot of performance optimizations but requires a different configuration than the current setup we've been optimizing over the past year or so. I ask that you please be patient with the admins and moderators while we get things back up to snuff.

Steem on!

James aka Riverhead.

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This just shows how much needed an implented chat / message system in Steemit is ..


It was never the plan for this to be my life's work :)


I read you are mainly dealing with DDoS instability, but are running directly off Amazon AWS. What kind of DDoS? Have you considered putting the Rocket.Chat instance behind Cloudflare?


That ended up being what I did. It has really hampered usability for some users but the trade off may be worth it in lack of lag and less spammers/scammers.


Great to see it working! I have not experienced the service being unavailable since you added Cloudflare.

Were you perhaps looking for more people to help you operate and maintain You noted this was not supposed to be your life's work, and @deltik (has experience) and I would be keen to get involved. We run the witness - first to operate on minimal hardware using zram memory compression as detailed here, technical overview here.


But you are doing an amazing job! Transfers are ok, but even with discord - has currently no real alternative.


We need Steemit chat fast...
Plz do it faster sir


Great work, thanks for the update! Steem on and keep up good work. Thank you!

I must say I like it.
Usually, my eyes and brain can't take a design change within the first hour or so as it is simply not used to it. But this, I really liked.

Just the simple addition of profile pictures next to people's names rather than just the @ sign is really helpful.

Well done.

Glad to see that the chat is back! Thanks for the update!


It's back for you? I am still being greeted by the down front-end.


It's down for me as well. I saw the post first, and when I opened the chat I saw that is down!


Same here...


We need as soon as possible.


Working on it :)

My answer to the question is: bad. It would be really bad not to have, because it really doesn't have any alternative, even though people use discord. Thank you for doing this, using your precious time so we could have a platform for a nice chat with other steemians. I am fairly new to steemit, but when I first came I didn't know much about steemit, and I've got all my answers on so thank you once more. Have a nice day!

Good job. Thanks

Thanks for the update man, much appreciated. You never realize how important is until it goes offline.

Thanks for the update and all your support!!

The < bot > messages while steemit chat was down yesterday were hilarious!
I love how it was recommending people to go check out acroyoga!! ;)

Thanks for your effort! I'm serious :) It's a really useful tool for the steemit community. You have my vote for witness. Keep up the amazing work, please!

When they activate the chat again ?

There are communities activated within the chat, whenever I enter they are only spam, is it any of you who know active communities? If you know them, let me know.

Thanks for the needed update. We rely on and appreciate your working to keep it going. :)

I still can't access.

Would be good! But we would need a common place to meet up on here.

Wonderful your chat , i like that's chat . i want your next post , all the best

Thanks for the service! @brazilians really like to use it ;)

OOHHHHHHH it explain why I am so slow... I tried new proxies, new computers, different browsers, cellphone on wifi and 3g :D

Working harder uhn ? :) anyway you are doing a greate job guys

Thanks dear post update news .This post informative for us..

It is the second day that I have tried to join the chat, I really hope it will be up and running soon, glad you to see you are actively helping provide a place for us to have after hours discussions. Hope to join soon.

Can't wait for it be back online,
I depend on it way more than I thought

You always post very well. These are very good for me.

Thanks you for your information.

you are still here refreshing?
what are you expecting to see?

Ha Ha Ha, Thanks for keeping us safe and entertained (and informed)!

i apricate your post.thanks for sharing..

Good post ! you writing is knowledge for me.@myintaungnaing

Welcome and welcome to chat in steemit always distinguished and diligent in your development
Greetings to all of you
And for your own post

will this also help fix the instability the chat has had for a while?


Hard to say. The instability is largely caused by DDoS attacks on the service. The strength and frequency correlates almost directly with the market cap of Steem. Though that is just my baseless guess. There are nearly a thousand channels on with, I presume, their own micro ecosystem of poltics and tech savvy folks.

It's an arms race that will never be won or lost.


Anytime you offer a service that's popular there's going to be either competitors or just assholes hammering the server. Unfortunately except for mitigating these there's nothing anyone can do except put in controls.

Get well Soon!!! my life is empty without this chat. I don't know what to do with my hands anymore. :(

you guys are awesome, (To all the people working to keep the chat running. "Thank you So much <3")

i m happy to see that the chat is back,We need as soon as possible.Thanks dear post update news .This post informative for us

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If it didn’t exist I’d set up a slack channel :)

Integrating the chat to Steemit interface, why not? Can't wait for it, hopefully an SMT will also be part of it to incentivize those we chat to..just saying, I dont know much about tech stuff. Way to go!

Hello @riverhead how to join this steemit. chat?

You do a great job

Sttemit.Chat is a cool domain name, nice selection on the extension.

Wow! great piece of information bro.thanks

@riverhead the current version is quite colorful with nice set up. But still facing few congestion and slowness. Hopefully it get resolved sooner. is Steemit lifeline, that keeps users interact with each other. :)

Great job! Looks as if the new ddos protection fixed the performance problems and it's currently working really fast again ;)

this is a great post

What is roketchat?


rocket chat is a bla bla bla.....,

Google it.

Hi @riverhead... can you enable the changing of usernames and emails. I think it's very useful to the users. Because I just wondering if I can change my username /@john.alex.ladra to /@johnalexladra.

Hi @riverhead... I have register Steemit chat with email since one month ago..but until this day i am cant log in..

Why i am not receive an email confirm to confirm my registration on Steemit chat.?

Are the Steemit chat not sent to me or why..?

Help me please ..

Thank you very much for your help.

Great post tnx for sharing i just upvoted check out my new post steemitalltheway

Great job! I'm sure a lot of hard work goes into it. Hope it works smoothly and reduces your work ☺

Hi @riverhead I can see you good heart and hardwork to support steemians. That's why I upvoted you as one of the good witnesses. May you continue to support us! @jejes