Get Netflix For Free | VPN Trick

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How to Get A Netflix Account Permanently

Requirments :

You need to Know how to use a computer :P
You need to have a VPN
You need to know how to follow steps.
You need Internet :P
You need an email address
You Need a Nowtv Account

So Let's begin

Steps :

Get a from Cleaks or crack it by yourself.
Login to USing this link (
Open a new Tab
Visit Open this url in the New TAB (
Wait for the page to load
Press on Start Button
Wait for the page to load (Might take couple of minutes but if it's taking too much time then you can refresh the page)
Sign in again (If needed)
Click on continue
Choose your netflix plan
Fill in the informations
and you got your Premium Account
After 3 Months change your Netflix email
Then sign Up With The same email again (After 3 Months)


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