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I was curious if there is a correlation between Total Steem Power and Curation Rewards Per Week.

We all know the more Steem Power you have, the more upvote power you have. We also know the more upvote power you add, the more rewards you get in curation.

Therefore, one could hypothesize that the Steemians with the most Steem Power that are consistently curating have the highest curation rewards per week.

Let’s find out.

Curation Whale Trends

The first way I tested this hypothesis is by gathering the Top 50 curators from and their Curation Rewards from Last Week.

Some of the names you probably recognize. @pharesim, @gavvet, and @hendrikdegrote to name a few!

After hiding the founders, blocktrades, and the whales that are recently inactive (indicated by the red power sign on Steemwhales), here’s what we find:

The average Curation Rewards Per Week of the Top 50 Steem Whales that are active is 660.

The average Steem Power of the Top 50 Steem Whales that are active is 670,326.

This isn’t quite what we’re looking for, though. Maybe a graph will explain it better!

That’s more like it!

In short, this tells us that to find your Curation Rewards for Last Week, take your Total Steem Power (x) and put it in the equation y=0.0025x – 19.382.

Let’s do an example using @steemed. @Steemed, from the spreadsheet above, has a Total Steem Power of 498,474.

Plugged into the equation above (y=0.0025x – 19.382) using 498,474 as X, we get to a Curation Rewards for Last Week of 1,226.803. Pretty close to his 1,227.32!

As you can probably tell from the graph, a few of the whales skew the data pretty hard.

Let’s take a look at another data set to get a better picture.

Steem Power Whale Trends

Let’s look at the Steem Power Whales next.

Using the same process as last time, I gathered the Top 50 Steem Power Whales from Steemwhales.

I hid the founders, blocktrades, and the whales that are recently inactive.

We find that the active Steem Power Whales have an average of 1,182 Curation Rewards in the Last Week.

They also have an average of 2,641,156 Steem Power.

Let’s look at a graph to get a better explanation:

According to this graph, to find your Curation Rewards Last Week, use your Total Steem Power as X and plug it into the equation y=0.0029x – 803.05.

Let’s use @pharesim as an example.

@pharesim has a Total Steem Power of 499,984. When plugged into the equation above, his hypothetical Curation Rewards Last Week should be 646.

The actual is 624. Pretty close!


Overall, the total amount of steem power you have definitely helps, but it’s NOT the only factor.

For example, @wackou and @pharesim have similar Total Steem Power (501,420 and 499,984 respectively). However, at the time of data acquisition (15:00 EST July 5), @wackou had more than twice the curation rewards (1,403 vs 624) as @pharesim!

In @pharesim ‘s defense, he probably doesn’t spend as much time as @wackou curating.

Which leads me to the GOOD NEWS.

The amount of Curation Rewards you attain is correlated with the amount of work you put in and the total steem power you have.

So whether you invest more in Steem Power, or invest more time into curating posts, you’ll be better off in curation rewards FOR SURE (as proven above).

I hope this adds to your overall faith in the Steemit journey, and, as always, best of luck Steemians!

In the future, I plan on:

  1. Increasing sample size data. Considering the amount of inactives, Top 50 isn’t enough!
  2. Working on my graph and spreadsheet presentation.
  3. Answering more questions using data analysis!

Whatever you need, gather it. Whatever you want, chase it. Whenever you can, give it back.


Thanks for the research. Interesting. It makes me confident

But curation only amounts for 10% of the reward pool. Would be interesting to see something like this relating to the other 90% (author rewards)

Great point!

I will look into this for my next data analysis and will credit you in it :)

Right on! Thanks for the credit, and look forward to the analysis

@riskybiscuit thanks for your great post. If this is a fact then my work will be noticed in regards to curation. This post proves that its not just about big steem power only, other factors like curation matters. This gives newbies like myself a little hope.

Great information. I'm no whale but I'm going to try your equations on my account and see how they match the actual results. Thanks!

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