Steemit Thanksgiving Pot Redistribution! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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Like the title says, this is a Thanksgiving Pot Redistribution! Everyone who replies with what they are thankful for, upvotes and resteems this post will get an equal share of the earnings. That's right - all the steem earned will be divided equally to all the participants! I will do all the work in redistributing everyone their share because I am thankful for steemit! Please remember only those who comment, upvote and resteem will get their equal share. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


I am thankful for being alive after being born two months premature and having Meningitis last year.
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Hah, are we the same person just in different countries (At least I am guessing we are in different countries :D)?.
On top of that, I also played poker.
And who knows what else we 'copy' from each other.

...interesting... :)

I'm thankful for the experiences in my life, whether good or bad - as they taught me and help me push forwards to being my best potential and a man with good character. I'm thankful for family, friends, steemit, and the loving Light of the Creator.

Thanks. Resteemed/Upvoted

Amen! Like I said earlier, I really appreciate you on here, and my comments in this post reflect that also.

I am thankful to live in a world where something as creative and awesome as steemit exists!


I am thankful for the support I am finding on Steemit. I really never thought anyone would want to read what I would write about my life, let alone make anything which may eventually give me financial freedom. I have found two and the potential for all three here. I want to thank every one of you - Thank you!

I am thankful that my best pick-up line is not holding up my arm and saying: "Does this look infected to you?"

I am thankful for all the people here that are soooo dang helpful,.....

I am thankful for my new job where I thrive and have an opportunity to serve and help people. I am thankful for having discovered Bitcoin this year and gotten into the world of cryptocurrencies head-on. I am thankful for having a place to live, where I feel relaxed and safe. I am thankful for clean drinking water that comes from the tap and for the hot shower every morning. I am thankful to Sweden for granting me a citizenship and becoming my new home. I am thankful for the community of people on Steemit, for their advice and support, and for the new connections and friendships that I have formed here in the past month.

I am thankful for being fortunate in my life, that I possess the abilities which may allow me to make a difference in the lives of others.

I am thankful to exist.

I have been thinking of you, not hearing anything for awhile, I hope you are OK.

this is virus)

Everything in my life

I am thankful that my mom is now much better mentally after her cva last year.

I am thankful for the medicinal pot that will eventually be legalized everywhere.

In thankful for upvotes. Resteemed

I am thankful because I know that I am loved. And I am thankful for being able to post on blockchains.

I am thankful for a wonderful family.

I am thankful for the Steemit online world that is open source so I can program it the way I see fit. Now, I am the Zuckerburg analyzing social media data with Machine Learning and building things to my own tastes and interests.

I am also thankful for the cryptocurrency immersed in it that fosters human (and AI too (bots) for that matter) interaction and reward for creativity.

Finally, most of all, I am thankful for the privilege of interacting with so many of the brilliant minds of this world.

I am thankful for grandpa!!

My family

I am thankful for my wonderful family inside and out of steemit. Mostly for my wonderful blessing of a daughter.

I am thankful for my friends and family.

I'm thankful for my Wife's continued health improvement and my Shiba Inu Captain that shares his life with us.

That I am healthy, more or less hehe :P

I am thankful for my education.

I am thankful for another day clean and for all the people that are positive in my life today.

Thankful for my family and friends

Im thankful for my family and friends, and my job! And of course STEEMIT ! THANKS EVERYONE! STEEM ON! AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ♨🍗🦃♨

I am thankful for family!

I am thankful that I found Steemit and can interact with others who think.

I am thankful for being in a house that is warmer than the outside temp... and for warm clothes. Thanks.

I'm thankful for Opportunity.

I'm thankful for hard work paying off, and friends and family.

I'm thankful for a loving family and for all the wonderful people in my life. And most of all for Jesus who came into my life when I was lost, and has given me purpose, transformation, and hope, so that I can experience life to the fullest.

I am thankful to be alive in the single greatest time of awakening & empowerment humanity has ever experienced.

I am thankful for my body, and how well it works for me, how strong it is, it's ability to smell, taste, and see beautiful things. I am thankful for all of the amazing humans, all over the world, that I get the joy of sharing space with, and especially getting to cook for them. I am thankful for the totality of all that is!

I'm thankful for all the support here in Steemit, from so many people. It has really helped me learn and grow and then, encourage people on here who need it also.

UV and RS, thanks for the help and post!!!

Upvoted and resteemed; I think this is a great idea :)

As for me, I'm thankful for a great number of things. Chief among those, though, are my wonderful, loving wife and my beautiful daughter. They're the light of my life.

I am thankful my kids.

Thankful for the chance to be part of something greater

I am thankful for my wife and sons.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanksful for all the shits I've done, and still being given a chance to amend for my mistakes, or simply forget about them :)

I am thankful for all the situations in my life that happen at the right place and right time that always lead me to something better, even if it's painful at a time.

And a reaggea song for Giving Thanks :)

Normally I ignore posts like this, but I am actually interested in seeing if the redistribution happens or not.

I personally already wrote about some things I am thankful for, but I suppose I could mention another.

I am thankful for my neighbors who, knowing I had nowhere else to go, invited me to their Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that my dad who is battling cancer got to have thanksgiving with us today!

That's great!

This is good to hear!

Thankful for my health

I'm thankful for my house

Resteemed. Thankful for my family and my delicious supper!

Thankful for the excitement of Steemit.

Family and Friends who stick by you through thick and thin...getting you back on track...for that i am very Thankful.

I am thankful for my amazing family. Thankful to be living in a beautiful peaceful place called Chile.

Fantastic idea this post! Good luck with all the work of the redistribution.

I am thankful for my own and my family's continued good health. Of course also steemit for saving me from online boredom!

I am thankful for I was learning instead of playing, watching TV or being lazy when I was a child, and that foundation gives me more opportunities and hope in my life.

I am thankful for this post.

I am thankful for not having Hillary as the next president.

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I'm thankful that my mother gave me so much love and freedom.

I am thankful for this post.

I am thankful for my parents who love me.

I am thankful for Steemit, i feel appreciate by this Community, i'm so thankful that i can stop reading free posts on Facebook, i'm so thankful i have STEEM and that my contribution has value, lastly i'm thankful that the early adopter's of Steemit are a bunch of creative individuals, no wonder everyone is so happy on Steemit 😎

I won't go into all the mushy stuff - there's so much! I'll just say I'm thankful for my family and a very dear friend. <3 (upvoted and resteemed)


Upvoted & Restemed
Good Job