Steemit Pot Redistribution #5. The Second Day of Christmas Pot!

in #steemit7 years ago

So far these Redistribution pots have been a success! Everyone seems to enjoy them and they are helping steemit grow. The next 12 pots will be the Twelve Days of Christmas Pots - We are on number 2.

For this pot, everyone who replies with what "my true love gave to me" on the first day of Christmas, upvotes,  and resteems this post will get an equal share of the earnings. That's right - all the steem earned will be divided equally to all the participants! I really like the way this is working out and how involved the steemit community is. So let's keep it going! Please remember only those who COMMENT, UPVOTE and RESTEEM will get their equal share. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


Did it have anything to do with steemit lol Thanks for your support!!!

Sounds like a xmas carol. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!

My true love gave to me confidence in the future ;)

I hope this one will be the good one ! ;)

My true love gave to me...
A marijuana Christmas tree

Sounds like a great gift. Thanks for your support!!!

Sounds like a happy gift

My true love gave to me

my true love gave to me

Love is good. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!!!

my true love gave to me

I hope they were good thoughts. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!

my true love gave to me
A bigger bet than my bet!

That's good if you win!!! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!

"A bunch of awhale upvotes! "Lol! 😂😉👍🎶🎵🎼

I want a bunch of whale upvotes too!! Thanks for your support!!

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