Introducing Project Minnow NSC at SteemFest2

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A big project from NSC - Indonesia


Beginning of Waking Nanggroe Aceh Steemit tags / # 'nsc' Up to launch Website Steem-id Together with Project Minnow NSC. I think this is important for you guys out there. How early from our build a community in Steemit and we will introduce to you guys out there about what is we will do later. We are proud of you guys can join with Project Minnow NSC.

this is the beginning of our work I hope we do can visit to SteemFest2 in Lisbon

Small meeting of NSC steemians at Panton Labu, Aceh - Indonesia Build Steemit to young adult

nsc panton lagu.png

Steemit Indonesia will launch Website Steem-id Together with Project Minnow NSC

nsc lhokseumawe.png

Thanks to the Indonesian Curator: @levycore, @aiqabrago

Team Work NSC : @binjeeclick , @abunagaya @steem77 @safwaninisam @bukharisulaiman @suheri @bukhairidin @munawir91 @rayfa

Pertemuan Kecil Steemian di Aceh Utara, Indonesia yang bergabung untuk nanggroe Aceh Steemit dan dalam waktu dekat akan meluncurkan Website Steem-id Bersama Project Minnow NSC


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posting yang keren kawan...... bertus lanjutkan

Jadikanlah steemit sebagai media erning and learning!
#indonesia kita bisa.

thanks for visiting

Luar biasa bang, project NSC untuk kita para steemian yang masih pemula. Good jobs