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A short time back a new community emerged on Discord.

They are called The Unmentionables and they are on Steemit as @Unmentionable

What is their secret?

Here is their stated list of ideals.

Our main focus in #TheUnmentionables can be narrowed down to these ideals:

  • Selfless
  • Caring
  • Respectful
  • Helpful in so many ways
  • Most would give you the shirts off of their backs
  • Most loyal group of members I've ever encountered

And they have a simple way to encourage promoting others.

You must promote two other Steemers before you can request a post promotion. Here is an example of what that looks like on the Discord server

How powerful is the @Unmentionable community?

They went from completely unknown to almost 10,000 delegated Steem in about 1 month.

Want some of that #TheUnmentionables love?

Come and join us on the Discord server! I've only been there for a little while and I'm already shooting up to the moon



My name is Rich and I'm a Libertarian.

You can find me on the Libertarian Chat Channel and now on the Discord Unmentionables server. I'm working on a production called the LIS, or Libertarian Interview Series. It's going to be a series of written format interviews with the top Libertarians and Anarchists on Steemit. If you would like to be a part of it, either to be interviewed or offer help, just message me here.

Rich Hersey Steemit Libertarian


Thanks for the information. I joined the discord community a few days ago. I am not sure why but I couldn't get beyond a certain point. I kept getting an error of sorts. In any case, I will pop back over and check it out.

Send me a message if you need some help.

Amazing article

Thank you for sharing this community! We are definitely looking for more awesome people!

Have been in the group for a month or so now - it's a great group to be part of!!


Are unmentionables slowly taking over Steemit? Better join and find out!

Anarchists Unite!

Nice shout out for the group dude.
Good on ya 😉

Thanks! It's good to see another round of support coming out of the group for a post like that. I hope to keep up the momentum!

There are a lot of awesome people in this group and definitely a some fantastic individuals in the unmentionables. There are some great contacts and the networking within the group is amazing. But also be careful, some people don't care for a certain type of critical thinking and if your opinion differs from some, say the leader, that might lead to castration.

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