Steemit Suggestion Box: Steemit Chess Game

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Suggestion Box

This just crossed my mind and I felt like sharing it. I am a chess lover and I spend a lot of time in Chessfriends. It will be great if someone develops a chess platform here for folks to play each other whenever they feel like. 

Games like that will deepen communal interaction and bonding. It also will have a way of attracting chess lovers all over the internet and thus help increase community numbers.

We have many developers here and I believe chess will be one of the easiest games to develop as it has less graphics and stuffs like that.

Thank you all.


Good idea. I like playing chess.

Thank you. Let's make this post popular. It needs to attract the attention of our developers. That is the only way we can ever have chess here.

This is a great idea, id be the first to sign up! Checkmate!

Yesooo. That game will make things happen here.

I'm in too.

Great. Upvote and resteem

Resteemed. Perhaps you can return the favour - as I am hoping one of my posts will get a new head of steem. Thanks mate. SK.

Thanks. If we all upvote and resteem we might have this earlier than imagined.

Jesus... how can I help? That's tight.

Upvote and resteem or if you are a developer, do the needful.

id just thought of it looked it up and found this post , i hope it happens

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