Question and Answer with Richguy

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I started my question and answer series some months back. "Question and Answer with Richguy" is a platform to ask some pressing questions that average steemit blogger ask and an attempt to get answers to such questions.

I will be asking few questions today and I wish to get honest and genuine answers from everyone who cares to answer them.


  • When did you join steemit and how did you discover steemit?

  • Are you using any other steem blockchain platform other than steemit?

  • What was your enthusiasm when you joined compared to now?

  • Has there been anytime you felt like giving up on using steemit?

  • Is steemit structure favourable to you? If "yes" tell us what you like most about steemit. If "no" tell us what you hate most about steemit.

  • If you were the owner of steemit or you were to be a key opinion leader, what are you going to change first in steemit to make it a platform of choice if you are requested to do so?

Please, take your time to answer these questions in your best knowledge.

I am @richguy. If you like my stuff, upvote and follow me. Thanks

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