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Ever since I signed up on Steemit in August, I have casually paid attention to my numbers of followers, posts, and followed. I remember several different occasions that I noticed a pattern. What I noticed was that my number of followers seemed to grow proportionately to the number of my posts and the number of people that I followed. My posts would have an obvious effect on the number of my followers, but the number of people that I follow would have a less obvious effect. It's really more to do with upvoting, commenting, and interacting with other Steemians and that's what helps get more of a following.

The pattern I have seen is one that has stayed true for the entire time I have been on Steemit. My number of followers is about 1/3 the number of the number of posts I have made and 1/2 the number of people that I have followed. I think this holds roughly true because of the interaction I have with the the people that I follow and comment on which are also counted as posts. Recently these numbers are the furthest from 1/3 and 1/2 that they have been but it can still give me a rough guide for growing my following.

I am a typical Steemit user that came here without a following from youtube or facebook or anything like that. However, everyone uses steemit a little bit differently so I wouldn't be surprised if many Steemians weren't experiencing similar proportions. I also wouldn't be surprised if some of you are noticing similar numbers. I think there is something to be said for the number of posts and amount of interaction being key parts of growing a following.

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Interesting. Never looked at this. Thanks!

You can definitely see this in effect with my stats also. I would only add that getting involved with instant messaging and building more immediate networks and also going to meetups probably helps too.

I definitely agree. When I became active in chat ,I started having a lot more fun and success on steemit. And I would love to go to or have a meetup if I can make it happen locally.

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My own ratios are a bit different, but I'm aspiring to have more followers like you so I'd better get commenting!

Interesting observation. I've noticed this also, now that you mention it. ☆

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Yeah, I just looked and my followers are roughly 1/3 of my posts (and most of my posts are resteems). Not half of my "followed", however, but close enough.

You made me check, and it's the same for me too. Interesting.

My stats are: 340 followers, 2654 posts, 1071 followed

nope..guess not.

i run about 10 to 1 posts to followers, and about even follower to followed, though that is diverging a little. i comment a lot. i've been watching this for a while.

Interesting. Yeah, I've noticed some people seem to comment a lot!

I just want to know how you formatted a picture with text wrapped around it. I did read your post, I assure you! Wow, this formatting is up my nose, much as I enjoy Steemit!

I am more than grateful! Should this functionality not be aired for the sake of all Steemistianistas? May I?

Sure, go for it!

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