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To keep the village well the village and the surrounding yard is kept clean, it is necessary for a treatment or maintenance. Therefore, the village formed a coordination team in charge of maintaining the village environment is kept clean. Well, the coordination team mentioned is the team 7K. In every village, should have a team of 7 K.



What is it 7 K ?

7 K include :

  1. FAITH
  1. SHADE
  1. BEAUTY.



How About Its Application ?

  1. Security.

ü Safe , is free of the disorder a person/ group of people/environment.

ü Safe, is a fundamental right that should be possessed by man.

ü Safe, covering : safe in the learning environment, work, and issued an opinion.

ü In its implementation include the following : we start with ourselves, each other,avoid conflict between friends, bravely defended the rights and the truth, creating susasana safe in the village./ the environment of the village.

2 . Hygiene.

ü Clean, is a place or environment , free from trash, dust, so it looks unsightly.

ü Hygiene is the main capital health, cleanliness is part of faith of a person.

ü Hygiene includes : clean place to live, a place of Learning children/ mosques, village / neighborhood school, place of worship, a place of work.

ü Pelaksannannya includes : starting from ourselves, creates cleanliness in the village, the village, page village/ village environment ,throw garbage in its place if it runs out snack, nothing makes troublemakers/ place pegajian, hard wall.

3 . Family.

ü Family, is a close relationship between the people in the house, the neighborhood , the village head of the village, the office/ work place, and community.

ü Kinship is the basic foundation of unity, the main capital in the community/ environment to ketentaraman, even the capital the advancement of the village.

ü Kinship can be achieved when there is no suspicion, mutual trust, mutual respect,cooperation and harmony.

ü its Implementation is : we should respect each other, nurture, was not looking good yourself, menyenguk if friends if sick, helping the fellow community.

4 . Faith.

ü Faith, is that we believe God exists.

ü Usually the Faith is manifested in worship.

ü Faith is an important cornerstone in learning, and working.

ü its Implementation is : celebrate the religious days with at school for example the victim, the day of the eid al-fitr, establish a routine recitation, the assembly of taklim for the study of religion in schools.

5 . Shade.

ü Shady or cool, is the environment that has sisrkulasi good air, with the plants cool, as well as free from air pollution.

ü Implementation are : plant page / village environment with trees that are beneficial, the garden front of the village office with a variety of plant flowers, diligently weeded and watered ,

6 . Neatness.

ü Neat, is a harmonious atmosphere in our self,family , school, office, or environment.

ü Implementation, are : neatly from the way we dress, wear the uniform of the village in accordance with the rules established, to organize the space study with a good example picket schedule, pictures pahawan, president and wkill the president and the state emblem.

7 . Beauty.

ü Beautiful is a beautiful atmosphere easy on the eye eyes concerning the environment of our village. Beauty can be achieved when security, cleanliness, faith, kinship, shade and neatness are achieved.

ü Implementation are : to create a sense of safe, clean atmosphere, faith, togetherness, shade, and a beautiful setting.

ü With the creation of 7 K, we will feel welcome and comfortable in our village where we are born and develop .


And this is our last program during a lecture pegabdian society (KPM) In the district benemeriah, the village of Suku Wih ilang group 36 KPM IAN lhoksemawe.




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