Just lost $253.58 Steem

in steemit •  2 years ago

Yep - my night is ruined. How you may ask did I do something so stupid? A typo.. a typo is all it takes to have your money get to where you want - or go off into oblivion. De-centralization is great as long as we stop being human (making mistakes). Im not sure what my feeling are surrounding crypto transactions. If I pay the wrong Hydro account - there is enough accountability at the Hydro company that they are able to fix it. I'm sure other people must have done stupid stuff with cryptocurrency - im sure other people have cut and pasted the wrong address.. these numbers all become so arbitrary. I sent an email to Poloniex - hopefully they can sort it out (yea right). Most likely I just made a fairly expensive typo.

Problems in the chair.

At least there's baseball.


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That's a comparatively cheap lesson, make sure you learn from it.


Yep - I'm "that guy".

You will always remember the lesson which will save you much! Steem on.


You would think they would reject accounts that dont exist.. but.. I know the rules.. could have been more expensive.

Yikes! Sorry about that, old chap. Crytocurrencies and cryto-transactions are finding their way into the mainstream at snailpace, and thus retarding the acceleration of better transaction systems. We trust that new system developers will pursue the reality of reversable cryto-transactions.


I guess I invested more long term than I expected ;) Its gone to an account that will forever be part of the market cap..

You didn't loose your money. It hasn't disappeared, Poloniex received it, they have it and will give it back to you.
This is what the poloniex account says:

Receive 234.538 STEEM from rgeddes 793890ffc35f3f83


I saw that - I have been in contact with them because obviously you cant have a steam account that has an alphanumeric like that.. every time I have sent it through them its to someones steem username minus the @ symbol... If you are right I will read all your posts for a year ;)


I realize I was looking at the wrong transaction.. Its still lost but its in BTC.. I have a feeling I did the exchange option with steem and got the BTC address https://webbtc.com/address/1CjJHGpm3RDNYgAdfRwpfo8B73J8apdpyH I sucessfully made other transfers previous with Steem yesterday (Including to my Dad) who had no problems.. Man I feel stupid today.. I thought I wouldnt have the "hangover" from yesterday. Ugh.

I tried to create a steemit account to match the transfer.. the wallet stats with a number so it is impossible to claim the cash.. Hopefully at some point I will be able to grab these coins from the great beyond :(


Update - I figured out that it was in fact a transfer to blockcoins not the Steem transaction as ottodv points out. I am holding out hope that there was some strange delay.. who knows.. I hope everyone keeps a closer eye on their wallet if they have read this!