Thanks and Starting

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Thanks to guys who welcomed me warmly and to those who followed me
To be honest I didn't think I get such a warm welcome and warm community. I thought that Steemit is social network for nerds or something like others such as Facebook or Googleplus but now I know it's different from them. It may take me sometime to get a hang it but I think I can get to used to it very fast.
If i want to name some of my interest; they are 1.polymer which is my major in university 2.IT that is one of my oldest interest 3.Gnu/Linux Os which I use for about 7 years by now 4.watching Tv shows and Animes such as GoT,Attack on Titan,Shahrzad,....
5.CryptoCurrency which I'm kinda new to it and appreciate some help in it ,etc
I don't want it to be long to read so it's a summery of me

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Welcome to Steemit. Nice to meet you.

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