Six useful tools for tracking your success on steemit, and for accessing the steem blockchain more generally

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This is a quick guide to what I think are the most accessible interfaces for accessing data about your own activity on steemit (as well as data on anyone else’s activity), and information on the steem blockchain more generally, explaining roughly what each tool does best. It's really written with new users in mind.

In case you’re not familiar with the tools below, you simply need to add in your username to access your data on most of the interfaces below...

Six useful tools for tracking your success on steemit...

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive guide on every database tool out there, it’s just a guide to the six tools I find myself using regularly to check out my ‘progress’ on steemit, and to occasionally stalk (other people) and gawp (at the size of some people’s rewards-for-mediocrity).

  • - is the main ‘hubsite’ for information about the steem blockchain, where you can literally see blocks being produced and ‘steem’ being printed ‘live’. It also provides a ranking of the richest and most popular accounts (if you like gawping at such things), info on the witnesses, and you can go into your own account (or anyone else’s) and explore trends in your rewards and followers over the last 90 days.
  • - allows you to save individual accounts to watch, and filter by posts/ comments and replies. Also one of the most accessible ways of accessing info about the witnesses.
  • - is basically all of your interactions on the blockchain, going right back to your account creation. In case you don’t know how it works, replace my user name with yours! - focuses on rewards, and shows you how much you’ve earnt each day for curation, commenting and posting.
  • - shows you the current worth of your upvote in dollars, and is useful for seeing curation rewards per post, rather than per day.
  • - shows you who you’ve voted for, and vice versa, and how you ‘fit into’ your network on steem…


Steemdb is the most accessible user interface for ordinary users to access the data in the steemblockain.


The ‘main page’ shows you quite clearly the distribution of steempower distributed to curators (for upvoting), to authors, 'commenters', paid out in interest and to the witnesses (Megavests are simply a measurement of steempower, with 1 Megavest being equivalent to approximately 488 steem - so from the above chart we can see that in the last 30 days, the witnesses earned approximately 88 000 steem’s worth of MVESTs between them.)

Immediately below the MVEST distribution data is the ‘blockchain’ - quite literally a summary of the activity on the block chain in blocks.

The steemDB homepage is also useful for seeing the size of the current reward pool and the rate at which new steem is created (in the chart to the right, you can literally see steem being ‘printed’ live.)

If you click on the accounts tab at the top of the ‘main page’ this is useful for getting an idea of the Vested wealth distribution on stemit… you can also sort the ‘top users’ by reputation and so on, and click on any user to get their individual data up on steemDB.

Your own account info on (mine’s here - just add in your user name instead of mine for your own.) allows for extremely easy cursory analysis of all sorts of useful data including:

  • A history of your outgoing and incoming votes.
  • Your rewards for each day broken down into posts or just comments, and further broken down into SBD and Vest (or Steempower rewards) for the last 90 days.
  • You can also see who's following you…..and your history of (hopefully) follower accumulation by @jesta allows you to add accounts to watch, and many users might find this more accessible than accessing accounts via steemdb. - (link takes you to my page) just shows you all of your actions and interactions on the steem blockchain - every post, comment, reply, edit, upvote, follow, unfollow, transfer, all there until nuclear meltdown destroys all the nodes.


I actually use this as my go-to database explorer to find out whose replied to me etc. rather than the replies page on the main steemit site.

The left hand column also provides lots of info... towards the bottom is your 'real reputation' score, I'll let you look that one up, no time to explain it here. - focuses mainly on rewards per post:

the above data is from @papa-pepper, who @ $15K/ month is probably steemit's wealthiest homesteader

Steemnow is probably the most accessible tool to get an overview of the current value of your upvote and find the following:

  • Who voted for you most recently
  • What rewards did you get for posting and curating (upvoting)
  • It’s especially good for revealing how some upvotes yield you 10* more SP than others… which is something I’m sure a lot of people would like to explore further!


Steemreports maps out your interactions on steemit - displaying nice pie charts of you’ve voted for and vice versa. You can also see what your network on steemit looks like! The freeze frame below is from @joeparys data: self-confessed self-voter extra-extraordinaire...


Final words

I Hope you find all of the above links useful, as far as I’m aware there’s no other post out there that's quite as ‘targeted’ as this, focusing in on 'easy to use data analysis tools' for steemit. I certainly find these tools the most useful for 'tracking and gawping' in equal measure.

I actually wrote this as a sort of tangent to another post I’m currently in the process of putting together about all the good people who produce useful data analysis posts, some of whom were instrumental in setting up these tools - for example (but not limited to) @arcange, @penguinpablo, @jesta, all of whom are well worth a follow if you’re interested in data mining the steem blockchain. - i.e. if you’re interested in what’s actually going on here on steemit (within the limits of what the data can actually tell us) rather than just being blown along with people’s subjective optimistic euphoria or pessimistic whinging.

If I had time I’d cheapen myself by doing a vodcast walkthrough of all of these databases and what they show us (steemDB is especially interesting), but time is something I just don’t have ATM!

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Nice summary!

I use steemd mainly, although it can be painfully slow (and now I use steemify for a lot of the update information). I also use the advanced mode on individual articles for the wealth of useful information on when people are voting for you and the curation weights etc.

I like the visuals of steemreports but I'm not always convinced with the results. I think it might just use the vote weight which is fine for the short term but not useful over longer periods since your SP may change substantially, making older votes less relevant (or more, I suppose).

Steemnow I also use, partly for the time function on regaining voting power, but mainly for the vote calculator which I haven't seen elsewhere and is an awesome bit of kit!


Hi -and thanks, I'll have to check out steemify, and for the heads up on steemreports... I did think it might be a bit slow to update.

Thanks for this. Knew about steemnow only


Glad you found it useful, it's taken me a while to find my way with all the various tools, these (IMO) really are the most accessible! Of course I may have missed some.


Cool, currenly exploring them

Awesome! Brilliant post. Thanks for this. This platform is complicated :) Appreciate this guidance.


Cheers, glad you found it useful.

Appreciating the music posts btw!


Thanks! Ha. Your comment on my first post has also changed what I'm posting ... trying to raise the quality :)

This is awesome. Most of these sites I already knew about, but a few i didn't.

I had honestly forgot what the site was that show you who you've been voting for so appreciate the reminder!


Your welcome, part of the reason I put it together was to remind myself!

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Thanks, there were a couple tools I hadn't heard of before in this list.

And as is the way with such things, shortly after publication - @penguinpablo produces the SteemBlockExplorer which offers a much 'user-friendly' way of accessing the steem database.

Intro blog about it here -