Steeming (Steemit Anthem) Official Music Video By Five Star Entertainment Group Artist REST100

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Steeming Lyrics:


Make post thats all I know. Resteem! Like mo.
I'm Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto! Thats how we roll power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 1:

Get yo mind stuck on this H double T P//
Post my life up like you looking at a TV//
Stop yo facebook get paid for yo likes see//
Zuckleburg ain’t thinking about yo life dreams//
But they’ll sell your info to the highest bidder//
when I spill it all out they gone call me //
Huh I ain’t even have to say it//
its sorta like ya information they couldn’t save it//
An I don’t need to curse cause this flow is G rated//
find my post get elevated an we never regulated//
S T double E M To The I T //
Blockchain plug you in like an IV//
Count up all the voters the people is taking over//
Get paid for your voice an don’t let em go take your choice//
Remember you have voice won’t stop until you rejoice//
You’ll see when it is over right after the hang over//


Make post thats all I know resteem like mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto Thats all I Know power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 2:

Thats right I said it get paid I meant it//
Theres some money in ya post if its all authentic//
These some real life people not some funny algorithm//
keep the fakes all away We don’t play the plagiarism//
Downvote downvote that post//
Abuse the site steem cleaners they roast//
Give credit give props to a witness//
Keep the steem block true bear witness/
Dan Larimer Ned Scott
with out them theirs no chain on our block//
Rearrange what you got build a name on our block//
See the fame that we got we all trending at the top//
Five star entertainment group what I represent//
take ya book back and spare me all the Sentiment //
Steemit putting money right into my bank account//
An I aint talking about no pennies this is large amount//


Make post thats all I know. Resteem! Like mo.
I'm Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto! Thats how we roll power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming),

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My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

Like/Follow/Upvote/ReSteem If you would like me to continue! @rest100

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Very very nice! Anything to increase awareness is amazing in my opinion. Good work.

Appreciate the feedback glad to do my part!

Got the perfect instrumental to match the lyrics brother. Very nice lyrics by the way. You steeemed it

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You are so clever

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I thought this was going to be awful. Was pleasantly surprised. I can't believe I'm about to say this but I would actually like to hear another one.

Damn thanks I really appreciate that glad you enjoyed it!

I wanna be on the next on really. I was thinking of it as being awful too but it sounds nice lol.. I almost wrote it tastes nice 😂😂😂

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mmmmmm lol

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@boomerang i think %7

Dope flow, so rhythmic.
Reminds me of Ab-Soul!
That's a mega compliment coming from me.

and I appreciate that thank you!

Your rhythmic which is deep in my heart

Great job! You'll raise a lot of awareness with it!

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If you want to disagree with the reward you should troll the people making hundreds of dollars, not someone making 70 cents

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LOL, I just noticed your shirt's similarity to Nike ... clever :)

Great music video bro! Keep up the awesomeness.

Just Steeming my brother!

I saw that too. hahaha too coooool. Love it! ❤

is this the official steemit anthem? nice work bro. I think, its time to have a contest to create the official steemit anthem for the community with a huge price for whoever anthem be chosen as the official steemit anthem.

Im down with this song lol

Nice because there's already a Youtube Anthem back then, might as well make one for dTube.

This Looking Real Five Star!!!!! Dope Video Homie!!!!!!!!!

my brotha!

There is no Rest in Rest100!

not at all!!!

Great, have to support this all the way!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Now that is one of the best blogs I have seen in steem it platform...steem it anthem...awesome job buddy...just steemit

Thank you!

Watched it until the end. Wow, very impressive song, I really like it. Also I think it helps the steemit community to get a lot more exposure, when new artist come and join us here. Really like your work and keep on doing this :)

Happy to work this hard for our community

owning a copy of the song for 1 SBD is a cool idea.

@rest100 Amazing. Loved the idea of composing music on Steem It Platform. Could you also convert the music video into just the audio and host it on soundcloud so i can listen to it as well while STEEM (ing) it.

I have it for sale check the bottom of this post

Yes, Just saw. Thanks for it. Tried to buy but couldn't locate the PayPal option over there?

No pay pal option only accepting SBD or STEEM

very nice post dear brother you are good
Your Bolg Is grate bro Awsome info Thanks U
My reputation just 28% i am new User On Steemit so I am Best upvoted Comments thanks for supprts me

Its amazing that you have passion of STEEMIT, really I am impressed to see your dedication with the Steemit.

Thank you

you are welcome brother


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If you get a real kick out of destroying the value of your investment, you are doing a superb job.

@reset100 finally the steemit platform is promoting by a song.fantastic work bro. every steemains proud on you, i also too

Im proud excited an happy such a mixture of emotion rn Thank you very much for your comment!

glad to hire you brother, do constant work. i appreciate your work

I appreciate YOU!

  ·  last year (edited)

Ha - really nice on... Steemit is a great thing and your Song too !

Congratulations my g

Appreciate it my g

Upvote & Resteem straight from @vogue20033
This is dope man!
More More More!!!
This's what I call Steemit-vity (#steemitivity) - Creativity at its peak!

glad you enjoyed

That's a legit song Brother @rest100. Love the beat as well. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Peace and Harmony always. Have a blessed day.

no doubt will do

Haven't even got my 1st post together yet but this song has become my own favorite anthem personally. Super cute lead in at the beginning before lyrics start... Now I feel I fucked up royally commenting too soon after joining on 1st thing I watched which was a clip from this full version. Anywho- hope all is forgiven. Great song. I love it.

Lol it’s all good thanks for your comment

cool ;) Keep coming back to listen again- crank it up man!

Mad dope!!

Thank You! Much love for your comment too!

wow nice post keep it up @rest100

Will do!


Sorry mate, not really my kind of thing. I'll have to give you a thumbs down this time.

I love this man! A true steemit Anthem right here!
I have a rap/beat challenge with the goal of bringing rappers and producers here on steemit together, you should def check it out and take part my G!
#doit4thebag challenge -

Very very good song made by you. I listened it 2 times.

i think you are looking for new life which can change all the best bro.

I also wish the same to you

hi i am new here and was wondering if there is anyone to show me around

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It's really a motivational video, now we improve ourselves

Nice, needs little more of a background rhythm...

Music is very important in life then why steemit left behind in music... Great

Music is soul!

@rest100 It's a very happy news for steemit users, now steemit's advertising will be heard by people about steemit, it's a very happy news. What is the your opinion tell me sir,,,, signature_1.gif

glad to be able to help

@rest100 If you're happy, I'm excited, because you have to learn a little bit about steemit

nice work ,Five Star Entertainment Group

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

All the best for you.

Thats great fivestar group bro. really your passion of steemit on amazing, steem anthem makes blog show your great skill.


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Now that is one of the best blogs I have seen in steem it platform...steem it anthem...awesome job buddy...just steemit

OOOMMGG ...:) Superb Song Brother. good music

@rest100 as you said that your goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. i hope you will grow here wisely and keep it up bro...

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I have given you an upvote. Please, you also give me upvote. THANK YOU....!

Just wow and awesome video, forever

Really nice lyrics. Hello steemians im new here i havent posted though. BUT i intend doing so on guides and how to do's of music production and Beat making for newbies and upcoming artist that are interested in gaining knowledge in the art and also would be giving out freebies too

You're the bomb, its fire!!!


I would actually like to hear another one. @rest100

your work is are create the awarness.

Great music video bro!

thank you

Just wow man

ty ;)

This is so beautiful... I fell for it

This is so beautiful... I fell for it

This is so beautiful... I fell for it

Nice promot

This is so beautiful... I fell for it

This is so beautiful... I fell for it

This is so beautiful... I fell for it



haha, very good guys. It's funny

I love this and I posted about it too please upvote for me

Spam much?

Wow it was great.
We have now a steemit anthem.
Thanks for sharing this !!!GOD bless you!!!!

bless up!

awesome stuff. i like the fact that awareness is raised to make sure a lot of wasting their data on the internet get paid for it.


nice one sir

Wanted to check it out but havent been able to get it to play.....

"I'm steeming" - very nice, good work guys!

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@rest100 steemit music is always a good . listening music is a good way of entertainment.


MY all authentic, newest post.

The story of the creation that manifested itself in 3 steps.

Cool. That is so funny lyrics but damn true!

Nice video i need me some steemit shades too haha

very very nice. Anthem is so good .

  ·  last year (edited)

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210x2 stay united stay true, in my world that keeps it 420 no past dues

Are you making this with your own

thanks buddy to give us a mixture of so many informatic stuff in one blog. great work sir keep it up

that is already a hit - congrats bro!



nice sir.gud work

NICE ANTHEM BRO......can u tell me how i buy this ?

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Steem playboy

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

He must have been high af when writing this for steemit.

Amazing work done. Keep it up

video wont play on dtube :( ugh

Try the IPFS link at the bottom instead of Dtube's ... that worked for me.

thanks dude. how have you been. its been a long time. Hope you are doing well. I am still on the FOG list helping ya. are you still battling the fight or has that subsided. I remember back in January you were one of very few that believed in my and delegated 1000 sp to me to help me grow. now look at me. im growing into a saproling lol. finally spearheading a new UI for the platform. check out my latest link on my wall. Im trying to make a difference here. Btw i miss your posts dude. the funny videos. you gotta keep up with those. hope you are well. happy to use your delegations effectively anytime, let me know. and thanks for the heads up here as well :)

heres my link btw of my up to date build SugarSteem if you were interested @fulltimegeek

Really Doing Good Job. Keep it Up Boys


i like the lyrics vibe and visual. great job defiantly worth sharing

Great work thanks for information....👌👌👌

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Thank you your post very nice