Breaking Dtube News: One Million Steemit Accounts!

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

We did it folks, after a little over two years we finally hit the 1,000,000 Account mark just right now.

Its very exciting times to be a part of this amazing community! Who was the 1,000,000 Account?

What is your number?

I'm 202,791 You can find your number here:

Just look to the left at ID to find out what number account you have!

Let me know what you think the in comments below.

UPDATE: I was just one off I got 1,000,001

from @anonsteem USER: @xgaming

▶️ DTube


Steem On!...:)...

i think it will start to grow faster as more apps r developed :D

My reaction when found that I am not.

This is HUGE News! Man oh man, we are all in for a treat in the nearish future! Always great to watch your videos @reseller
Please check out my HwZ 7 on your down time, you might enjoy the idea!

Big, Big news! I am excited to see how the future will look like.

wow i neva new we where that much join me on this link

I can't even begin to fathom how you must be feeling to be the 1.000.001 Account.
Oh wait, actually I can. I was off by one as well and have gotten id 999.999
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. But All jokes aside, I'm actually happy about that number. It feels kinda special to be the last person to register a sub 1 million Account, so there's that :)

Oh and btw, the person with id 1.000.000 seems to be @xmlvnx

Yes we did it! But we shouldnt forget that the most of them are duplicate accounts, scammers and spammers :(

Congratulations Steemit!!! Thanks for letting us know @reseller. Cheers!

Whoa!!! BIG NEWS!!! First to report it too :) nice one!!! STEEMIT 1 MIL!!!! MOON TIME!!!

Next to reach a million active users!

D tube ❤

This is going to be 10 million afywr appbase and communities and hardfork20 comes out
Steem will be at $10 then $20 soon just like eos

Your video and @jerrybanfield inspire me to make my own dtube account for making video updates using high quality after effects tricks and fivver artists to handle the intro and outro and maybe ill even hire a professional youtuber to do the video editing. I would rather dtubers become a tribe of high quality video effects adding streamers and vloggers who all polish their videos . We could all be polsihing our videos to perfection!

This is such an amazing thing. It is up to us to keep taking the name out there. :)

No. 773.583 for me. Just one of a million. Hopefully the platform can generate more growth in the future.

A milli a milli a milli!

So pumped to see us get to this point. I am rather new coming in at 841,532. Something makes me think the next million will come within a year!

BOOM, BABYYYYYYYY! This has been a climb for you more than Steemit haha

First but not last million ! It will be more and more of us :D

Felicidades 1.000.000

1,000,000 accounts...congrats Steemit!!!

Woo hoo!!! Amazing! So glad to be part of Steem and this incredible community we have. It is truly something to cherish and be grateful for 🙌🏻

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