How HardFork 19 changed post rewards – A case study

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HardFork 19 did some changes to post rewards so I wanted to see how that affected existing users. So I made screenshots of the pages of @dantheman @klye @ned @officialfuzzy @papa-pepper @reggaemuffin @suesa before and after the hardfork.

This is a data dump for now, I'll add some context soon. Congratz to @suesa for hitting the jackpot with this change :)

Edit: It seems almost all post rewards increased and some of us got really lucky. Sadly I screencapped to early and ruined @officilfuzzy and my paywall because they did not yet changed… But we can still see the change. In a week we will see a second change when the network adapts.

SourcesFor all images

Thank you for sharing, following you

Glad you like it :) Feel free to test out the new bigger votes on my post ;)

Is everybody just making much more ? I don't see many people making a lot less rewards. Just made a post about it too :

I just increased your post's value by 0.02. It would have been 0.00 before the HF. :)

I cropped the images to have them focus on the price. Full images are linked below.

@reggaemuffin I'm finding it difficult to see the screenshot information. Is it possible to provide a single shot of before and one after; i.e. @suesa for an example to compare the two (as the jackpot winner/greatest change at the fork)?

Thank you!

I'll update the post with better images :)

Thank you!

Yeah the last screen compare @suesa seems to have no changes, only cents, why's that?

The last screenshot was @reggaemuffin but I failed and did not capture the change

Make sure you look at these closely, there are some interesting numbers here. But generally it would seem that the numbers back the purpose of HF 19, there seems to be a better spread of rewards.

I have not yet seen any really negative change but maybe I missed these posts... For now it looks like a big money rain ^^

I cannot see the value amounts in the images

Yeah it is way to small… Would having them sequentially help? I wanted to get this out first, you can view all images large they have high resolution.

Yeah I think one after another and not side by side will improve it quite a bit. Good to know they are high resolution so at least i can open them somehow and check them out

Fixed :)

Thanks for the share. Help a brother profit with a follow and upvote.

Yes, I also got awards!

Thanks for the hard data!

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