Proof that Cryptocurrencies are the future

in #steemit6 years ago

I decided I want to use what is remaining of my spare time to make some extra cash (I already have at least 2 jobs at any one time.) I emailed some of my legal contacts back in New Zealand to see if they would be interested in a proposal where I could assist them with some research, drafting etc, for a bit of extra $$.

Barely a few hours later, an old lawyer friend emails that he is working for a new firm and is interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts etc. He wanted to know if I have any knowledge on these topics (I mentioned Steemit). He believes these areas to be the future of law and wants to be able to advise businesses particularly in relation to smart contracts etc, but also to advise them if they should wish to accept alternative currencies for transactions.

Exciting times, to say the least.

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