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Booster which become famous recently due to its token called BOOSTER , Booster TOken starting price was about 50 steem which was so big only 100k BOoster token will be produced and the best part of Booster token is that if you are in top 10 stakers. you can qualify for the 10% discount from booster which is awesome.
BUt after hardfork 22 . THe booster team has decided to launch new rules to remain his service functional.
THe current BId Bots will be smarter and will care about steem .
Hardfork 22 is very hard to digest by spammers and scammers , Most scammers are involved in using bid bot and cashing out the money fast after they make through bots. Because holding a power does not give such a big reward as these bots give,
THe decision taken by booster team is really appreciatable ,

Booster will not upvote new accounts which are having less then 100 SP i do not know if SP is required or liquid steem is enough ,

Booster will not support poor written posts and articles i do not know in detail which kind of articles will be dismissed.

Booster will curate manually check all posts before upvote .

Its time to bring change to steem With HF 22 and booster both work together to make new steem. The new Steem will has a new power of money generation all money will be generated legally . So i am waiting for next message from booster team i will Power up my Steem Stake to continue to use Bosster excisting services.

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