Some of my words about tobacco

in steemit •  19 days ago

In our country marijuana is illegal. I would strongly condemn it. Sometimes it seems that it should be. Last night I thought about it a lot. Although cannabis is illegal in our country, tobacco is valid. Our government has given importance to cultivating it. Because the importance of tobacco in the revenue sector is very much. Many farmers of our country can earn livelihood by cultivating tobacco. About 75 percent people are addicted to tobacco in our country.

Here tobacco is consumed by cigarette, bidi and hookah. People here used tobacco since the past. I started eating cigarettes almost two years ago. I was dragged into curiosity. It's not going on today. Now cigarette is my constant companion. Tobacco effects have increased in lonely life. It is very scary to see the consequences of tobacco consumption. Marijuana is illegal in our country, so it is very difficult to get in hand. I ate marijuana for two days. Today I thought about cigarettes a lot. What is the thing? What's inside it? What God has given in this leaf? People become boring once more eat any food. But no one is boring to eat tobacco.

What's a strange thing!!! I spent a lot of time about it. Suddenly burnt a cigarette without knowing my mind. Then I thought it was addictive.

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