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Hello friends of the community, I hope you are having a great day everyone. I am pleased to be part of this contest organized by @originalworks which is based on promoting new technologies and projects that are currently under development.

For this occasion the contest is being sponsored by Goldilock, a kind of virtual wallet where it is also possible to store personal data of great importance except that, unlike traditional methods of data storage, Goldilock guarantees us to reduce the risk of being hacked/stolen almost completely thanks to its use without IP connection, something impressive, is not it? I explain more about this below friends:

Goldilock (Your cryptocurrencies and data without risk of any hack):

Right now, at this very moment we have before us a storage method that is being in charge of revolutionizing the way in which we commonly store somewhere both our cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This is based on the fact that the storage system does not require an IP address or Internet connection while it is unused, Goldilock is the great company that has been commissioned to create and promote this revolutionary idea which will undoubtedly take away many headaches.

How does it work?

Goldilock will be disconnected from the internet while it is not being used, when the user decides to start and use Goldilock this is will connect to the internet at that time, except that, at the time of request, the data will be delivered to the user through a trigger mechanism that is not IP.

This storage system works as a kind of cold and hot storage while keeping our information and data stored outdoors, creating a totally unique environment in which you can only access from the device directly to where our information. Each user decides where to use Goldilock by accessing quickly, both in the physical device and in the physically segregated platform, where everything is stored, both data and electronic money.


Goldilock also gives us the possibility of accessing our data and cryptocurrencies in a fast and practically instantaneous way to use them anywhere. Combining this with the fact that it is a magnificent and very interesting idea was what made Goldilock a project acclaimed by cryptocurrencies, banks, health care companies, administration groups of digital rights, credit agencies and independent encryption holders, all talking about this wonderful idea as a transformative technology with which will change the way in which our data is stored on the internet.

Imagine in the future this technology implemented in banks around the world, would be the safest banks known so far because everything we save will be stored and in turn disconnected from any internet connection so no one trying to access illegal way to our finances will achieve it.

In the future, Goldilock will be implemented in banks, as well as in small and prestigious companies, it is only a matter of time before this happens (in my humblest opinion).

Crypto Exchanges:

Currently the methods used for the exchange of cryptocurrencies around the world as a key custody solution are truly conventional, popular and simple to use for the novice consumer. But unfortunately these methods are not at all safe due to the routine thefts that are constantly seen in millions of cases.

Goldilock with its integration of the central security custody solution converts completely secure exchanges isolating the user from these attacks, soon Goldilock announce your initial exchange alliances publicly.

As a cryptocurrency owner, Goldilock has as a priority the security of all our data such as bank account keys, company information, among others. As well as it provides the security of cryptocurrencies, keeping all the use information stored and stored in a kind of remote vault with redundancy of multiple locations, which is accessed through biometric forms taking advantage of several security points of the device used.


Goldilock also has a personal token called LOCK which will allow registered users to securely approve the sharing of their personal data, acting in turn as a method of custody and approval of transactions between different parties.

The LOCK tokens will greatly help to pay for the constant work that is done by the team of Goldilock, the sale of LOCK will have a maximum limit of $ 50M USD for achieve this financing.

Details about the sale phases, accepted forms of change and exchange rates will be made public in the second quarter of this year 2018.

Goldilock and NEO:

Goldilock will use the NEO platform, making it a perfect technology since Goldilock and NEO share some core values ​​and that specifically is what will make Goldilock perfect.

1 billion LOCK tokens will be obtained by Goldilock as part of a contract implemented in NEO Blockchain in which additional LOCK tokens were not coined to be used on the platform.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Although Goldilock shows us to be a revolutionary and incredible idea for the future, nothing is perfect in this life. As well as its advantages as it also has some disadvantages of use which I will mention below:

Advantages: Several of the advantages of Goldilock are to be able to protect both our money and our personal data out of the reach of hackers and thieves who try any evil against us. We can use it immediately and completely secure since it connects to the internet only and only when we are using it. In the future it could be implemented even in cinematographic contracts to protect their author's rights, as well as contracts with governments around the world to protect their confidential information, among many other cases.

Disadvantages: One of the disadvantages would be for example to lose our physical device in which we have Goldilock since we would lose our data and crypto stored in it, we also have that it is only possible access through a physical device so it is necessary to have it always at hand. And finally we have to, users who wish to use Goldilock must have prior knowledge on the subject, since using it is not entirely simple for someone who has no knowledge with respect to this technology.

In conclusion:

Goldilock is undoubtedly a revolutionary project which will soon be related to large cryptocurrency exchange alliances and which will also help protect information for companies and people around the world in all kinds of occasions.

Despite its disadvantages Goldilock promises to be a great idea to be used because in the future they may create solutions to these disadvantages.


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That was all for today, thanks for reading and if you like give me your vote and follow me in @rcrdoo for this and more types of content, I hope you liked it, greetings and have a good life...


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