Beam, a revolutionary cryptocurrency.

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Good to all my community of followers, I hope they are having a great time because today I bring you information about a new crypto that without a doubt, in my opinion, can surpass bitcoin due to its additional benefits. I hope it is of your interest friends.

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Beam better than bitcoin?

The bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with more power these days, being the most coveted by many people around the world but what they do not know is that there is already a currency that allows us to decide who sees our information, decide whether or not it will be visible data a transaction and with which we can also perform transactions in a much lighter and faster in addition to being able to make several at the same time. This currency is called Beam which works with technology Mimblewimble which is the one that makes possible all this process of privacy in which the data on the participants in the blockchain are not stored.

At present it is possible to track users through the transactions made with the different existing cryptocurrencies that we know today, even if a transaction seems anonymous this is stored in the blockchain to be seen publicly, which becomes a risk that many people would prefer to avoid, with Beam this is solved once and for all.

The technology Mimblewimble is the one that helps this process, it is a protocol published by anonymous person with the objective of making transactions in a private and totally anonymous way where the users can have the peace of mind of knowing that only the transaction will be seen in the blockchain in a superficial way without deepening the personal data of each one.

Some things you should know about (Beam):

1. It allows us to know clearly who can see my information and who can see it.

2. We also have the possibility not only to send and receive money, but also to make security deposits, blocked transactions for a while and perform atomic transactions.

3. Allows more efficient scaling and faster confirmations due to its chain of blocks without so many transaction details (making it thinner)

4. 20% of the mining rewards will be allocated to the program to maintain its development and efficiency.

5. It has a wallet for desks and devices which is designed for daily use by companies and individual users.

6. It also comes with an extensive set of tools to run and manage mining nodes.

Case of use:

Imagine that Carlos has just opened his own company in which he plans to invest with bitcoins, but Carlos is not entirely sure about this because of the problems that this currency has presented with his hacking, etc. Carlos, although not very sure of his investment, is determined to build his new company, but then he knows Beam and this leaves him impressed, he thought it was his best choice due to the little information shown publicly making him totally anonymous, then without thinking twice Carlos raised his company investing in Beam. Interesting?

In a nutshell, Beam is a currency that revolutionizes traditional transaction methods since the user has the ability to adjust who and what the unknown audience sees from a Easy way, besides having your own wallet, being able to mine and make large transactions in one, I have no doubt that Beam will continue to rise very fast.

More information about Beam:

Beam Website
Beam Position Paper
Mimblewimble Paper
Beam YouTube
Beam Telegram
Beam Facebook
Beam Github
Beam Bitcointalk
Beam Medium
Beam Twitter

Images of Beam



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