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Hey friends. Yes, as you probably tell I'm still very new to Steemit and just had a few questions. What exactly is the difference between receiving CURATION REWARDS and AUTHOR REWARDS?? I'm only earning author rewards at the moment and would like to know how to earn some curation rewards. Any kind of help would be much appreciated my friends! :)


If I am correct, Curation Rewards are earned from your upvotes. You want to upvote early on posts you feel will do well. Don't vote on posts with a lot of upvotes and don't upvote more than 20 a day.

You actually should read manual guide on voting they have new structure and up-voting early isn't good anymore. You can google it and it should pull link up.
I'm not a pro but if i'm not mistaken maybe 15 mins to 30 margin is decent time frame to vote on content you enjoy. That's how you will gain curation rewards properly at this moment:) Author rewards you have to post and have steemit value to the dolphins and whales and get votes. Hope this helped somewhat, happy steeming!

Thanks a bunch!