Where do steemit.com's visitors come from ? ( Real Statistics )

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                  Number of active Steemit users worldwide as of 1st quarter 2016 (in millions)


The statistic shows the leading countries ranked according to their number of steemit users as of juin 2016. During that month, 2.5 million users were registered on the social media site. 


The countries with the most steemit users, as of 2016, are the United States , India and Russia 


This statistic gives information on the number of monthly active Steemit users in the United States as of the first quarter of 2016. During the most recently reported period, the social network had more than one million monthly active users in the two North American markets.


Some 41% of online adults use Steemit, a proportion that is unchanged from the 28% of online adults who did so in july 2016. Women continue to dominate steemit – 55% of online women use the site, compared with 45% of online men. 


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US doing double digits in % - very nice to see.
Even triples the next on the list :)

Go USA !!!

Hi, Good read. Where are these statistics from?


Through a special Moroccan sources

Soon the Chinese going to be number one ;( if they find out about STEEMIT

I saw India and got pretty excited. FOR ONCE we are not way behind on new things! heheh


India is always present


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I was the one that pointed out Stephen Hawking and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Having a perfect mind is fine, the problem is that a human being tends to be flawed. Prisons are full of geniuses. Solomon is an example, he really transgressed in his later years. Satan was made as one of the greatest angels, then he wanted to be God himself. The Creator has so many problems with His creations.

Where did you get this statistics?

This is the first post on this. Go USA. I did not realize this.

Very cool if it is accurate. This kind of info is very useful for those who might consider using STEEMIT for business.