The reblog button: a great idea if it does what we think it does which we don't know because was it announced anywhere? noup!

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Dear @ned, @steemitblog, @dantheman
In a previous post I proposed and asked that maybe actually communicating with the users would be a huge step forward for Steemit. Why are we kept in the dark? If you don't communicate, someone else will do it - possibly in a flawed way - for you.
It's just common PR practice to announce what you'll do, to communicate when it's done and to re-communicate after a few days with feedback.
Insted of this chaos and people wondering what is going on, why are their blogs not showing and/or showing other stuff, we could have been EAGERLY ANTICIPATING THIS change!
You know you can do better when implementing a GREAT feature is welcomed with...puzzlement.


That being said, the "reblog" is here. From here on it's only speculation. My speculation to be exact:

What does it do?
Allows you to re-blog other people\s post to your followers. Essentially killing the @featured trend. Good job!

Does this mean some people will be able to vote twice on the same post?
Who knows?

Does it count towards my 4-post/ day limit?
maybe, maybe not..

Do I get any incentive to re-blog?
probably not, but maybe..

Will it be on my blog forever or just until the post pays?
I'm guess forever?

Can you un-reblog?
Don't think so?

That;'s it! I hope I helped a lot bt the idea is that the questions above should have been answered with the launch of this feature. Maybe now we can have an official communicate?

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Customers need clear and concise communication to avoid confusion



Yup, it just puts the original post in your blog, but that is effectively just a link to the original post.

It would help to know what it's going to do for us. I can see it being over-used. I wanted a share button, but I want to be able to add my own comment that will appear with it in my feed to say why I shared it.


it seems to appear on your feed....


Hmm, not ideal. I like to give some context. Perhaps that will be provided as a later feature

I disagree. The random pop up of new features followed by users attempting to figure out what they do is a fun gamification angle of steemit. When I first started I sought out all the post explaining what the hell the steemit was. We get that same feeling of curiosity whenever they update.


nice! glad that you enjoyed it. what have you reblogged?


Nothing yet, yours was the first post read on it. I wish I had this when my brother got on Though. He had three long post not many people saw because he didn't have followers. I guess I'll do it now!


I re-blogged this article... knows I reblogged! Nothing else changes so far.

The reblog functionality should have been announced officially well in advance. I find it very confusion to have these reblogs in the normal feeds. There should be a dedicated section, like the promoted tab, where reblogs should appear. Otherwise it makes curation much more tedious and time consuming.
EDIT: Does anyone know, whether reblogs count against the 4 posts per day limit?

Will we see how whales reblog posts, which they had upvoted?:) it's logical. You are whale-found good post-upvoted it first-made reblog to rise profit from it (all whales have many followers).

I'd like a separate tab for reblogged content. it's a pain trying to find the actual posts from the people i like to check in with daily.

A tab for reblogged definitely needs to be created. My feed got reblogged blasted and I have to scroll way down to see anything new from the people I follow.

Love the idea of reblog as it will introduce me to contributors I do not know, but need to be able to separate it.

Aiyee, I saw the icon, i tapped the icon. Now I have reblogged something I probably wouldn't have as I thought there would be an "you are about to reblog, are you sure, Y/N" ah well at least it wasn't something horrifying!!

FOR announcements, maybe they could make it 'sticky' at the top of all feeds and add a # called #updates or something.


i really like this idea!

Thank you for informacio, excellent

And consult about those who do not have the option to reblog, it is for certain users numerero ?. Thank you so much