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So you want some free Steem

Hey, yeah you, come here for a second. Na closer yeah thats good, I want to tell you something. I see you haven't been here long, well, lets get you in on a little secret, have you heard about curation rewards? Oh you havn't heard, thats what I thougt. Curation reward is basically free steem. Thats right free, you don't have to buy it.


Curation rewards are split between everyone who votes, see when you see the post payout, they author only gets 75% of that total and the other 25 goes to the curators (voters). you don't get this unless you voted.

Do you know how many votes you get a day before it effects your power?

10 @ 100%

Now this can split up you could do 20 @ 50% or 40 @ 25%, maybe you want to do 100 @ 10%. I think you can do the math, what ever equals 10 votes at 100% power. So if you aren't doing this, then you are not earning the steem you should be.


You see it really does work, as long as you vote. If you follow the voting standards you can earn free steem without even doing a post of your own. Here take a look at my account below.


You see right there next to the pointing finger, yep right there. That is for one day 4.627 steem. You see yesterdays, yep two number below todays. Yep thats right 4.926 for yesterday. If you have never used steemnow then i will provide a link below for you.

You can also access this info from your steemit wallet, once in your wallet , click on rewards and select curation. Here have a look, now your wallet will only give you a weekly total for the past 7 days.


Look right next to the finger, you see it. Thats right, 26.224 free steem for the past 7 days.

Look it is simple all you have to do is one thing

V O T E, at least ten full 100% votes a day


So stop reading this and get out there and vote. Oh damn hang on a second, vote this before you leave.

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Ive just curated all over this post.

Haha.... well thanks I guess.

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

I laughed way too hard at that.

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Yo Buddy, after reading your post i switched my screen to dark, for the very first time -- feeling very mafioso right about now!



I like it a lot better than the light blue.

Yes u get my 100% player!

Thanks dude

lol, it is 1h16am and this is what I am doing, curating!

Well you need to go to bed, and get some rest. Thanks for stopping by

I just joined Steemit, so I am still trying to understand much of how this works. There is a single "upvote" button under your post, and I clicked it. But I do not see a "100% upvote" button. Perhaps I will begin to understand your post after I've been here a few days/weeks. :)

Untill you have 500 steem in your account all of your votes will be @ 100 %. Once you get to 500 then you can adjust how much you upvote. By the way welcome to steemit. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you for the clarification & the welcome! :)

@raybrockman Hey Ray thanks for this, so, did what you said :-) voted and followed. Done


Hilarious. You were not going where I expected with this post! Curation is awesome!

Yes it is. Thanks for stopping by buddy.

Hope it gets more people voting cant believe how many people dont they are missing out @raybrockman

You are right, there is a lot if steem that can be made off of curating. Thanks for stopping by

Every day I do try to vote to obtain that free steem.

Smart dude right here☝️☝️☝️

Such a good point. And, may I add, I've notice a heck of an increase in curtain rewards since I began investing. Even the small amounts I've out in so far, we are about 10 days from spending 100 usd on Steem Power and I'm seeing the difference as soon as those first 7 days went. Seeing as I'm most active in comments anyway, curation is key for me! Thanks for showing how much the rewards are on a higher level :)

Good for @sixersfeds you can earn a lot if steem if you do it right.

Upvoted. Thanks for sharing this. I'm trying to do my part to upvote, especially for our peeps in steemsilvergold. My plan is to purchase increments of steem power too to increase my curation.

Nice plan, it will work.

G'day. I try to do my 10 x 100% every day but only on articles that actually interest me. Quite often I go over the 10 but that's good too. It means I'm finding great content I like which is what Steemit's all about!

Me too, i think I am down to like 65%strengrh. Thanks for dropping by

Thanks Ray, I am upvoting and resteeming. Doing the math, this adds up to an interest rate of 0,1% per day. Compounding delivers an interest rate of 44% per year. No other "paper" investment will deliver such growth power with such consistency.

I've been trying to curate more but I think my voting power is still too low

Fun post. You make a good point. Lol

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Have a great day!

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What's your secret? As of now I can only do 100% votes and I vote all the time, but don't get anywhere near that for curation. Maybe 0.02 SP per day if I'm lucky

There are tricks to getting the highest share of the curation reward. The earlier you vote on a post the higher up you are in the pecking order for a payout, also depends on how much you add to the pot. Other considerations are all curation votes within the first 15 minutes are shared 50% with the author, 15 to 30 minutes are shared 25% and after 30 minutes the author does not share in the curation reward. Its to stop the bots getting in early on voting to cream the curations. The sweet spot for up voting is beween the 15 minute to 30 minute mark if there was very few up votes but it is constantly changing to beat the bots, vote good content and you cant go far wrong.

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VOTE ! Yes, VOTE! I've been following along to the curation rewards... learning from the steemian masters. ..

that is damn true..

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very nice... i will support you on that

Calling @originalworks :)
@raybrockman got you a $9.3 (4.0%) @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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