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Well it seems like the process is not as quick as the Mint lead me to believe. The good thing is some solid progress was made this week.

2019 Steem Silver Round


We ended up selling 777 rounds, looks like a good number to end on. Now of course it would have been a lot easier to sale the 1500 but reaching half of the goal isn't very bad at all with all things considering.

The Die is complete.


The detail is what took the time. As you can see the Die is almost an exact match to the original design. This in itself is a very difficult thing for the Mint to accomplish, so I am glad they took their time on the DIE.


The 2 most important steps are left.

  1. Minting. Which we all have been patiently waiting for. This process will take right at 7 to 10 days (including Polishing)

  2. Numbering. Now this will take a little extra time then normal. All round numbering over 500 will have to be done by hand. The mint will produce 1500 rounds, they will then take out 777 rounds and melt what is left over. Then they will number 1 through 500 and the remaining 277 will be number matched to the numbers that customers have choosen.

Whats next?

Any number requested over 500 will still be created. The mint is willing to do this for $1.00 extra for every round numberes out of sequence. This is a fair price in my opinion and will diffently make it easy for members to get the same number over 500 as they did last year.

There will be some discussion on how to pay the extra $1.00 per round in the coming days. It will probably end up being accepted in steem. Just for the reason there will be no fee's associated with paying in steem.

Every order that was placed with a requested number over 500 will recieve an email or a DM from myself explaing the $1.00 extra charge.

Thanks for your time amd patience with this project!

If anyone has any questions feel free to either leave a comment on this post, email me at [email protected], or leave me a message in discord.



Here great update Ray but i see a problem with the die. ALL THE WORDING is backwards my friend. Epic fail!

And does this mean that not requested mintage numbers of over 500 are un-numbered?

It is backwards because when it is stamped it will read correctly, if it read correctly on the die it would be backwards on the coin

Thanks so much for the update @raybrockman, looks to be a very high quality Steem Silver round!!
Looking forward to adding to my stack!!!

Thanks for the update Ray

I was just wondering about the status of these coins yesterday, so I am excited to see this update 😁.. Thanks for all your hard work!

Best things come to those who wait 😀 Looks great and grateful for the update, thanks

Thanks for the update. !tip

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Thanks for the update!
Great looking coins, I can't wait to get my hands on them.

I want to buy some how can I

Official website is closed since order is already finalized. I have ordered around 170 2019 rounds. I will also have over 70 2017-2019 three round sets with Coa's. Let me know if you're interested.

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I am interested too, if there is not too great of a markup. Lets talk!

No big mark up. Might sound crazy, but I want to get them into the hands of those who missed ordering on the website.

Hi @spicyer - I am definitely interested. What you are doing is awesome, I am interested in the 2017 as well as the current one when it comes out. Will give you a shout around then, if that sounds good? Additionally, please forgive my late reply. Have a great day 👍

Yea I am interested in 2019 rounds cuz I have the 2017 and 2018 rounds already

Damn I been thinking about these lately. I was gone for awhile now I’m back but I need some of these pls don’t tell me I’m to late

I think this is the best looking one so far! You guys did an awesome job!

Thanks for this update--have been wondering how to pay the extra buck etc.
Die looks great!

Seems odd that the mint would make 1500 and melt the rest instead of just making 777 of them, but that's their problem I guess lol. Any guess on how long the numbering will take after they're minted?

Woah, that looks cool! What happens to the die afterwards?

Awesome!! I was just thinking about these this morning. Thank You for the update.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting these lovelies in my hands.

It is a beautiful round! Thanks for the update, dear @raybrockman!🥰😘🤙

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No problems. My two numbers are above 500. Just tell me how many steems are needed and I will send you. Thank you for all your work and patience.

Nice job Ray. Looks like it's all coming together nicely.

I don't know how much of a hassle it is to setup credit/debit card payment options, I would have bought one if I could have paid that way.

I didn't want to give up STEEM and had not used my PayPal in ages and only saw the website shortly before the sale ended. A more frictionless way to buy would have been great, since it's such a beautiful coin.

I wonder if you couldn't have made some partnership with Actifit for instance, to list these in their store? Or partner with someone on Steemit who was already accepting card payment? Looks like a nice add-in for a homesteaders, natural living type webstore.

Sad we didn't reach the 1500 goal, but a limited print of 777 is pretty cool. I'll throw an extra few bucks for that one if nobody has claimed it :)

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The mint will produce 1500 rounds, they will then take out 777 rounds and melt what is left over.

Why would they do that...?!?!? Seems like if they need to mint an even number, they could stop at 800, or whatever. It seems like such a waste of time and manpower.


Thanks for the update RB. Thank you for all the work you've put in to this and for everything you do behind the scenes. You're a great bloke and I'm so honoured to call you a friend.

Thanks for the update, Ray. The project couldn't be in better hands.

Great job Ray \o/

Hi @raybrockman
Sorry I am so late in getting in touch with you
I can't seem to find you on Discord
I am one of the winners of the SteemRounds and reading this post.. albeit I am so late for it ...makes me excited
I was just wondering what I should do from here on ...

@raybrockman any update on the minting and dispatch date.