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If 20,000 people chant at the same time it is more powerful than 10 people screaming.

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Why So Angry?

I mean what is it, are you worried that steemit wont be around? Do you actually think that you did not play a part in where we are at now? Yes your stake is heavy and yes you have every reason to be concerned, but in my world I operate off of pro-active, not re-active. Did you not think that delegating your steem power to a vote bot service was just as bad as using the service? Now its all bad right? Quality content producers should just hope or pray that one of the elite stops by their post and vote instead of using a vote service? YOU ARE RUNNING QUALITY POST PRODUCERS AWAY


Down Votes

Welcome to the world of free Downvotes, becareful though casue those downvotes have already created a downvote trail. Now here is what I do not understand, maybe someone will read this and help me understand it. But here we go.......

  • You write a quality post and your post does not get nowhere near the attention that it deserved. You decide to use a vote service (Now keep in mind we are talking about a quality content) and then all of a sudden you get down vote by a trail of people that have no idea what your post was even about. You get punished for using a vote service.

  • Now your post is not even visible to community simply because you used a vote service. Now I get the vote bot thing, I really do but here is what I do not get. Why do you and your vote trail never go back and revisit the members that you down voted? I'll explain, a members writes a high quality post, uses a vote service and you down vote it. Do you ever go back to that same member and vote on the next post they produce of high quality? That was a rhetorical question, please do not answer it, cause we already know the answer. You can however answer this one, You actually think that doing this will keep quality content producers around?

My Opinion

Steemit is quickly becoming Centralized there should not be a group of people controlling and making up rules that they want. Yes I get it, you have a heavy stake, but don't be mad with steemians because of it. Lets face it, any of us could up our stake in steem but right now the stability of steemit and the actions of the heavly staked elites makes it a bad investment. Trust me we see your Shit Post and we also see your circle of elites promoting that shit post. You say that you have to save steemit, did you ever think that maybe you are the one killing it!

I have a friend that is a heavy YouTuber she made the leap over to steemit about a few years ago, yes she uses vote services mildly, I say mildly as in a few bucks nothing over the top, but now she gets your swarm of down votes on her quality post. I am telling you before its to late, look in the mirror and you will find half of the problems around here.

I came here because it was a decentralized platform for social media. I've seen the lows, highs and lows again. I have seen the randowhales and all other vote services. I have seen the elite use them, promote them and fund them. It cant be wrong only when you want it to be wrong....

Just my thoughts and many others I am sure.

Have an Awesome night!


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They changed the laws, forcing you to have a 20 steem post to receive full rewards. At the same time they forbid you to use bidbots to reach that 20 steem threshold.
They don't care about the quality of the post, they want you to follow their rules.
For them, might is right.

You made me cry, my friend, @raybrockman. Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!

You nailed this post RB. I've been loosing faith in steemit for a while now. I really am considering powering down and going.

Beware the steem-police.... They are watching us!!

They cant be watching, if so they would be mad at their wives...😉

i have seen too many good content producers chased off.
And usually for shtupid reasons.

A platform that was spouted to be about edgy content
can't handle edgy content of a different stripe.

They can hear us mate, but they think they're right and seem fairly oblivious or indifferent to the disruption being caused. It's a form of hubris I suspect.

Anyway, I resteemed your post but I doubt any of them will drop by to comment. Smooth sometimes likes to rebuff my comments but I suspect that he is already mentally moving on to the next stage - which will be abolishing the reward pool altogether.

Not sure I would even want to interact with them, so kinda glad they didn't stop by. Thanks buggs!

I got monkey slammed by the OCDB douche last week. Replied to his comment and he didnt even havecthe balls to read it or answer it. This platform is turning into a private circle jerk.

Its getting bad!!! Not sure the point they are trying to make, and I am not sure the point they will end up getting.

It seemed to me, that everyone was using their Steem to buy themselves Up-Votes, with little left over for anyone else... I liked it much better when I first started to make Posts, Up-Vote, Comment and Reply...

October 9, 2019... 19.5 Hollywood Time...

Hey Ray;
I Thank You for Doing this Post and for also Defending a Sweet Friend. I must say I would not have Kept my Cool the way that you did here. If It happens to Her Again even if she is Using a Voting BOT I will go Over and just Slam any of the Down Voters. I Don't know any of Those People Personally and I Certainly Don't Give a Fuck about any of Them. Those Scumbags made a Friend of Mine Cry and She Did NOTHING WRONG. I Feel the same Way that You Do about our Platform and I Would Never have the Balls to Go Around and Pick and Choose that I Should Down Vote anybody's Content. Thank You again Ray for standing Up for Ms. Saver I appreciate it. @raybrockman

Everyone has a vision for STEEM and everyone wants everyone else to follow their rules. First is was when you could bid bot, now you can't bid bot at all. First it was a small dust threshold, now if you don't earn 20 STEEM on your post organically then most gets returned to the reward pool. Things certainly are getting interesting, and those who posted daily that I loved seem to be gone. Gaming may give STEEM a new purpose but I am almost ready to call the blogging vision dead.

Gaming just might save us.

You reveal in this post the very real and sound reason to act in accord with basic principles, rather than simply going with the flow, or changing ethics depending on the situation and trying to rationalize and justify it due to changing conditions.

Were folks shown to have been standing on principle when vote sellers fouled the nest, we wouldn't have ended up here to begin with. Were they intent on doing so now, we wouldn't continue to make the problem worse and keep driving away users and dragging the price of Steem down now.

Far more valuable aspects of society, such as free speech, are potential to Steem social media, and elevating mere financial concerns over these far more important matters is why Steem is beaten down by the changing winds of altcoin markets, hard forks, and enemedia propaganda no matter how the devs tweak voting power, curation windows, or onboarding.

What's the point of onboarding masses of users when profiteering is just going to sour them on Steem and drive them away? Personally I think that's a terrible waste of the potential market. It's ten times harder to bring someone back after driving them away than it is to attract them in the first place. As long as YOY user retention is between 5 and 10%, we should avoid onboarding any new users at all, awaiting conditions that might enable those users to provide a growing market that pushes the price of Steem up.

Stinc seems to have utterly failed to actually have the principles outlined in the white paper, and instead to say whatever it thinks will get people to believe it has any principles beyond maximising the utility of stake weighting to the ninjaminers, while failing to grasp the actual underlying principles of sound investment that create growth of markets and upwards price pressure on investment vehicles like Steem that create capital gains, the incentive for investment proven to have successfully attracted investors since prehistory.


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