Beautiful design @edxserverus, it's awesome.

I have 2017 and 18 #SteemSilverRounds and I would like @edxserverus design to be the 2019 Rounds!

Thanks for stopping by and voting @goldrooster!

Agree, its a very detailed design.

This is a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated design worthy of our currency.

Going with this one. I like those seahorses. Not that the dolphins aren't cool.😎

Modern and elegant design, goes hand in hand with what you want to represent.

I admit I am always draw to the Sea.

I really like this design, gets my vote!

The design is impeccable, with a lot of harmony and elegance, very simple but it stands out a lot.

A master of design, amazing @edxserverus !!

Hey, the coin is in 2D graphics,,,,,,, and check out my mysterious post @arulmint

It is simply beautiful, this design is consistent and prominent.

The best design of all!

Have to go with this. Love all but reminds me of Atlantis and adventure!

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This is the one :)

So awesome 😎 Beautiful!

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