2018 steem silver round design contest!

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I have stayed pretty much quiet on this subject. But I Think it is time to say how I feel. There are some amazing designs this year, everyone who has entered has done a great job and my hat goes off to you for the talent that you have brought to the table.


Silver rounds tell a story and that's exactly what our steem round should do. Make no mistake about the first steem round, it tells a story of growth and community. This is what we are and it was a good first steem round. Now in my opinion the second steem round should follow up to the first one, it should also tell a story.


Now I am not a designer and there is now way that I would have ever been able to come close to the style and detail to this years entries.

I can only recommend that you take your time and choose carefully for once a winner is chosen there is no going back. Look deeper into the design, does it represent us as steemians? Does it make sense? Would anyone out side of steemit be able to tell you what the design means. These are some things that need to be thought about before you pick your winner.

All of you that entered with a design are setting history. Let's make sure we pick one that we will look back on and say, that was it, that was the one.

This can't be just another silver round, this will be a piece of history for the future for we will be the top social media platform. We can not be remembered as, why did they pick that design.

So ask you to look past all the fancy digital art work, don't over look the pencil drawings, and for heavens sake PICK ONE THAT MAKES SENSE.

This is steemit, hold your head high for you are writing history. You will be remembered by your choices.

Here is the link to vote, get out and vote


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Which one are your picks, Ray? @ironshield


I voted on welshstacker tree design.


I agree, it is good but don't tell him as he will remind me of it constantly.

I agree Ray. What I did was look at all the designs and narrow down my decision without looking at the up votes in the comment section. I didn't want to be swayed by popular vote and I picked what I felt was best for the new design.


Great idea grizz

Hear, hear!
We want a round that is special and not something bland like a Silver Eagle or Maple Leaf, those sorts of rounds have their place, but the STEEM round is not some mass produced soulless piece of silver!

@raybrockman I think what you said about the design of the 2018 STEEM Round will Ring True in "SILVER" for years to come...............

Great post Ray. I'm sure we will find a winner!


Thanks Pit

Awesome promotion man! You make it sound so damn serious! But I do agree its important and shouldn't be taken lightly.


It is damn serious business!


Well, it's gonna be in history, needs to male sense. Thanks phil

I think you are right. We need to put a lot of thought into what the round looks like and will make sense. Hopefully, several people will see this and go over to vote.


We need lots of votes. Thanks for stopping by KS

Well said Ray. There's a LOT of heart that has gone into the designs. It's a bloody shame only one can be the winner. The decision will be tough no doubt. ✌🏻


Your right bear, we just need the best to win.

great post man, this is fun and exciting stuff but ultimately we are representing steemit, ssg and ourselves so lets make sure we do our due diligence and pick the BEST design to represent ourselves.


That's all we want!

Great post good Sir. Resteemed and I hope everything is going well for you.


It is going pretty good, hope the same for you.

Good reminder on the reason for voting that makes the most sense.


Thanks KP

The first round made a splash on Steemit. The second round will be responsible for keeping the momentum going...so it does need to be taken seriously.


Let's hope it does. Thanks random

Am also not a designer , but its a nice contest .
Keep posting

Hey ray it's very good contest , good chance for designers .

Thanks for all the charts and opinion.Upvot and resteem.I appreciate your work..


@jhonysins I am just curious did you see some Good Charts in this Posting ???


The charts were my favorite part aswell


I know right ?

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