Get Steemit Whale Upvotes from Steemit known as @randowhale

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Account on Steemit known as @randowhale, the place you send 1 SBD (Steem ) with a hyperlink to your post in the memo, transfer to the account @randowhale, and a script will upvote your post link with 2-5% upvote power on an account with so much of STEEMPOWER (SP).

All votes from @randowhale are 1 Steem or 1 SBD! That is proper, @randowhale heard you, the group, earlier the price was  2 SBD (Steem Dollars) and now decreased the price by 50%!  Inform your loved ones, inform your mates, inform each Steemian you already know!

Notice: You'll obtain a vote from either by @randowhale or @randowhale1 based mostly on current voting power.

This is the way it works:

  • Make sure the post you wish to vote on has not paid out or is just not within 12 hours of payout.
  • Copy the LINK of the post you wish @randowhale to vote on.
  • Go to your account Wallet.
  • Choose Transfer from Steem or Steem Dollars.
  • Write "randowhale" in "To" field.
  • Write "1" in amount field (Steem or SBD).
  • Paste LINK into Memo area.
  • Then Submit.

@randowhale script will upvote with a random vote power of 2%-5% to your post!


  • Send amount to @randowhale only. Do NOT send amount to other @randowhale1 or @randowhalebonus accounts,  these are used just for voting functions.
  • Don't submit posts of their last 13 hours earlier than payout - they can not obtain upvotes.
  • There are not any refunds. When you send the wrong amount or to @randowhale1 or @randowhalebonus accounts (DO NOT SEND TO THIS ACCOUNTS), take into account as donation.
  • Every post can be voted on only once! Please confirm @randowhale has not already voted on the post earlier than submitting.
  • Once more, no refunds will be given.


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great post
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The link is not working why?

Hello ! Very nice 👍 blog ! Good 😊 luck friend!!

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Nice blog posted brother

Thanks bro..

Great post bro, Lend me 1sbd to try hehe :) , and how many times a day you can transfer to ramdowhale??

1st time bro.

Thanks for your post, it is very useful for those of us starting in steemit.

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Try not to resteem anyone's post.

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