About $250 000 worth of STEEM send to wrong account by accident - OUCH!

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Recently I read post by @egjoshslim wchich talked about steem accounts made only for trading.

I looked for this account and what I can see?
Account wchich made lots of big transactions accidentally send lots of STEEM (worth about $250 000) to noname account by mistake

Check this out:

Account info for better understanding of case

I can say one thing: OUCH! Someone lost lots of money and effort

The question is: Is minorityreport will send steem power back?

Edit 1:
The user minorityreport started to power down gained steem power


oh 1000 steem is about $1800, $1.80 each now. Make sure they vote themself up a few time before sending it back.

I dont belive in lucky... Do you think this maybe is subaccount of him? :D

Based on the 0.001 transactions on minorityreport's account, it looks like he/she is working it out with the owner via email.

if some steemian would give someone back a $250k - that would be so wonderful! I keep finger crossed for good result of this!

It's only one message, we really don't know whats going on

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On that same boat :)

Halo @ravensw
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That really hurts....

Awesome story thank you very much for sharing it! Inspiring to see that @minorityreport is giving the Steem back to @ashleigh and that @ashleigh is giving 5% of the Steem as a thank you!

If I can get steam dollar accidentally then I do same give back to sender because this is someone effort to make money or investment. I heard this news that the person who receives money send back and charge fees 5% of it.

the recipients must be very happy but could some fake speculation

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