Be patient like water

in steemit •  10 months ago

Keep flowing in accordance with his natural law, meet the obstacles he spins, meet the little gap he imitates, meet the rock he separates, meet the dam, he collects himself, the higher, and full of the dam, flowing again. It was as if she had done nothing, just quiet, patient, calm, but she tried hard.

Be patient like water, when people do not know how great and beautiful it is.

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Water is very patient but will always find a way through a crack. It may take months or years but it will persist.


right ... man

very nice alue yang sangat bereh,, pajan tajak meulangu sigo


Haha loen hanjuet kumelangue...

Itu sebuah pelajaran yang bagus buat kehidupan kita

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@booster thanks upvotes 100%

water is life !!!
great post @rasyidin567 thanks for sharing :)



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Nice pict...
Just followed n upvoted

Patience is a Virtue