Account Recovered~ THANK YOU STEEMIT!

in steemit •  2 years ago

Hello everybody Raphael here!!

This past weeks my account has been hacked or stolen. He keeps posting spams. He even changed my display picture to this one:


Now... my reputations has gone down the drain....

But I just recovered my SteemIt account!!! HORRAYYY!

He's happy for me I know it

I hoped he don't have the access on my account anymore. I just hope I am properly secured now.

Friendly reminder: Don't input or give the account informations in websites that seems suspicious. Even it says it gives some tips, coins, upvotes, etc.... and Always change you password! :) This website can help this will help. I am a victim too.

I still don't know the cause or how he manage to have an access on my account and change my password. Nonetheless, thank you SteemIt support!

Also, I thank you @patrice for removing me in the Blacklist and assisting me by unflagging some of the post. I am really grateful.

Again, be careful everyone! Steem on!

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It's terrible getting hacked, I hope all is well and good now. Keep on Steeming!

Good to see you've recovered your account.


Yes, Thank you! You too be careful.

That's a good news with you.
Hope you keep your account safe.
Again welcome to steemit
Followed and Upvoted.


Yes, I will secure my account more! Thank you and more power! :)

Bawi! Go!


Long way upp! Pero kakayanin!


It's okay. Nakarecover ka na. Now start posting great content.

you are a good writer..


Thank you!

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Glad you were able to recover.

!cheetah unban


Okay, I have unbanned @raphi00.


Thank you!

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Hello, I just recovered my account a while ago with the help of SteemIt Support. Thank you :)
Resteemed to over 4500 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
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