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RE: Sneak Peek at our newest release [Tartarus]! 7 days! Get ready for BIG updates!

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I don't know if it makes any difference, but your clock is off.
For example, 12 hours before expiration, the Latest Post says,

@randyw/lkf-halloween 1.55409 SBD 2.851 SBD 15 hours

So if any more voting is attempted, it would fail. Before the switch to DST, it was 2 hours off.

Not something that NEEDS fixing, though.


Any post that has less than 12 hours before expiration can not be voted on, it would throw an internal error and be skipped over all together. The display (current) is not the new interface and many of these quirks are addressed in the new release. Thanks for the input!

Example: I just got a payout for this post, but Shadowbot shows:

@randyw/seen-on-the-subway 2.31807 SBD 4.692 SBD 3 hours

No problem, though - keep up the good work. It seems to be MUCH more smoothly operational these days.

Yes the clock is slightly off on the interface currently however, posts are not able to be up voted in the last 12 hours, which the backend handles properly. Once a post has 43200 seconds (12 hours) or less remaining before expiration all voting stops on that post.